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Early labor symptoms & first time stories

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I went into preterm with my first but never dilated even after 3mo of contractions. We had a lot of false alarms the last month so I don't really know what is a "real" labor symptom from experience. 

Now I'm at 36wks with an SCH pregnancy (thankfully healed by 20wks after bed rest). I know I'm at a higher risk now for delivering early but because I never dilated last time I have felt pretty confident about making it to my July 6 c-section ... Except that contractions have gotten pretty bad the past 3-5 days. They're not consistent and aren't always super painful but once in a while they are. I've also started having horrible bouts of diahrea in the last 24hrs and pressure like he's pushing down and also pressure like I need to poop all of the time. Lower back / hip pain is pretty constant as well. Reading this could be a sign of things to come ...

For 2nd time moms, I'm curious what your early labor symptoms were the first time around. 
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Re: Early labor symptoms & first time stories

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