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Shoe sizes

What size shoes are your LOs wearing currently?  We are in a size 2 and they fjt great length wise, but her foot is so fat most of them dont fit becsuse of that.  Size 3s are WAY too long though.  I feel like her foot should be longer than it is right now.  

Re: Shoe sizes

  • Roo is in 3's because of her fat feet, lol... I found some cute thin ballet flats that don't seem to bother her as much as shoes with thicker soles
  • I have no clue. I've never tried them on him.
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  • Mine are in a size 2 going on to size 3. I have the opposite problem though. Their feet are so skinny! So length wise the shoe is perfect, but sometimes(a lot of the time) their shoes fall off becaise their feet are just so thin, they wont stay on for more than 20 min @ a time. :smirk:
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    Well I'm embarrassed now because he's a size 4 lol and can only fit in open toed because his feet are too fat
  • Well I'm embarrassed now because he's a size 4 lol and can only fit in open toed because his feet are too fat
    Don't feel bad, mine will be in size 4 soon!
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    I will look more into Stride Rite then!  I hadn't done that too much because I feel like they are so expensive, but if it will fit her and help her walk, then I definitely will!

    Don't feel bad!  All babies are different!  I have a feeling once her feet start growing, we might be in for it.  I wear a 9.5, sometimes a 10, so if she took after me, she'll have big feet eventually!

  • She's between a 3 and 4
  • I never saw the point in wearing shoes before walking so we don't own any, but I'll be interested to see where he is once I break down and get him a pair! 
  • Not quite sure what size.  I just ordered a bunch of moccasins off of Zulily for him, they were having a great sale. They went off of inches in size, his foot measured about 4 inches, his feet seem short, but chubby.  I had a pair of moccasins here that I tried to put on him the other day, length seemed fine, but they were just TOO snug because of his chubby feet!  He was not happy with them on, so I took them right off.  

    Hopefully these new ones will work out well, they should be here any day now!
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    Thanks ladies!  My husband's cousin gave us a bunch of hand-me-down shoes from their daughter.  They are so cute, but they start at 3s. Hopefully she will be in them soon.  We are pulling up very well and tries to take a step towards whatever she is holding onto.  We may not be too far away from trying to walk, which is crazy!
  • Baby girl is wearing size 1....but even those are still big on her. I myself have tiny feet though - I wear a size 3 in kids. 
  • Well I'm embarrassed now because he's a size 4 lol and can only fit in open toed because his feet are too fat
    We are in a 4, also! He's between 3 and 4, so 4 it is! LOL 
  • @chelseajeanene were in a 4 as well. We went with stride right yes they are pricey but in a study on what best shoes for los they were number one because the soles are so flexible. Hard soles mess with the strength of the foot in infants. The study said barefoot is best strideright was next best. I bought shoes because he stands up all day at daycare and they don't allow that unless he's wearing shoes
  • Size 4, I think I gave birth to big foot.
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