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Pre-Menstrual Blues?

There have been various posts on how the first PP period went, but my question has to do with the symptoms you felt before getting it. I've actually already had my first when I started taking the mini-pill, but since then, I haven't had a single one. Lately, I've been feeling run down, nauseated, tired, unmotivated, not as happy as normal, and just blah in general. I've taken two pregnancy tests. Both came up negative. Today, I noticed some very light spotting. So my question is, how did you ladies feel right before getting your period back? Do these symptoms add up to a returning menstrual cycle? It might seem like a silly question, but I really never dealt with much PMS before.

Re: Pre-Menstrual Blues?

  • My period has been back for awhile now, I'd say at least 4 or 5 months.  I always used to get crampy, sore breasts, irritated, etc.  Since having our son I swear my PMS is about 1000x worse than it used to be.  I was just talking about this with my best friend (she's noticing the same with herself).  I get SO moody, NO patience, and just overall feel terrible!  Not fun!  Some of my symptoms like sore breasts still haven't come back, happy about that!!
  • I've definitely gotten a lot more moody (ie: the other day I completely lost it on a woman who had her dog off leash even though the dog was super sweet and the woman was very polite and immediately leashed him when I asked her to - the next day I got my period). I used to be relatively well balanced throughout my cycle but I've noticed that post baby the emotional regulation has gotten a lot harder. The crappy physical symptoms haven't really come back though (thank God for small favors).

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  • When I was on the pill prior to getting pregnant (progesterone and estrogen, triphasic pill), I would always get crabby and sad the few days before my period, like clockwork. I would go about my day and think, "What is wrong with me? Why am I in such a bad mood?" Then I'd remember that I was about to get my period.

    Does the pill you're on have the same hormone levels throughout the pill pack (monophasic) or do the hormones increase as the month goes on (triphasic)? I had issues with migraines the first few days of my period from the sudden drop in hormones and PMS symptoms as well, so if I were to ever get on them again, I would try a monophasic pill with consistent levels of hormones with the hope it would cause less havoc on my hormones!
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    Thanks for your input, ladies! Sorry that it's taken me so long to respond. We've been busy getting ready for a transatlantic flight.

    Still no period, though. Super light spotting for a few days, then nothing. I usually take my birth control at the exact same time every day. Because our schedule's been thrown off, I took it later than normal a few times. I guess that's what caused the spotting. But the mood? No idea. I was hoping to have something to blame it on.

    @jen83mn - That was really good thinking! But the pills I use are monophasic. Maybe they come with a side serving of depression?

    @lmbrandt - Yes! The moodiness, lack of patience, and feeling terrible! I was experiencing those exact same symptoms, but I guess it has nothing to do with an oncoming period for me. Maybe I've just become a bitch post-baby. Not saying that you are! But I probably am... Sigh. 

    @Lizlann - Oh, the emotional regulation, or lack thereof! I hear you, woman. The struggle is real. Stay strong, mama bear.
  • Have you taken another pregnancy test? Considering you took a few pills late and how you've been feeling, plus the spotting, could there still be a possibility that you're pregnant but it was still too early to test positive?

    I actually had implantation spotting when I got pregnant with my LO. The spotting happened on days 22 and 27 of my cycle, and I got my positive test on day 30. Light pink spotting when wiping, not even enough to wear a pad.

    If not, could just be your cycle trying to regulate itself again ... even when I was on the pill, I had a few months where my period was late or I had random spotting mid-cycle. 

    Keep us posted!
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