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Standing up in bathtub ... any suggestions?

Hey! Anyone else with this issue?

My 9.5-month-old is all about standing now and pulling himself up using the couch, toys, pack n play, etc. Within the last few weeks, he's been trying to stand up repeatedly in the bathtub (he's currently in the Fisher Price 4-in-1 tub on the final stage). We've also used a laundry basket in the bathtub and he's done the same thing. 

We keep telling him no and put him back in a sitting position, but a second later he's trying to stand up again (despite the numerous toys he has to play with in there). 

Any suggestions to make bath time easier? He loves bath time and we used to too, but now it's just becoming a chore because we can't get him to stay seated!


Re: Standing up in bathtub ... any suggestions?

  • THIS! We just experienced this as well the past couple bath times. We are also in the last stage of the tub..following for some help as well!

  • Same issue here!  He's 9 months tomorrow and has spent the last few weeks standing, scooting along furniture, etc, so he's OBSESSED with doing it all day long.  We had the 4Moms Tub which used to fit in our kitchen sink and he became too big in it, would try rolling over, etc.  

    We just transitioned straight into our bathtub with just a non-slip pad on the bottom.  It's been QUITE a task giving him a bath now.  He'll be fine for awhile sitting and playing with his toys and then all of a sudden he HAS to stand up.  I do the same, sit him back down, hand him a toy, but he's right back to it again. So I have no answer, sorry!!

    Giving him a bath has become much harder now, I feel like it's a two person job!  I wait until my husband gets home from work and he sits on the ledge and tries to keep ahold of him while I try washing him.  Even bathing him sitting in the tub is so much harder for me, it's hard washing his bottom, and washing his hair!  The water goes ALL over his face when I'm trying to rinse his shampoo, and it's nearly impossible trying to lean him back so the water runs off. I miss our days in the little baby tub, it was SO much easier!!

    By the end of bath time my husband and I are soaked!
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  • Bath chair?? Friends swore by it. It suction cups to the bottom of the tub. Lol 
  • LoveLee85 said:
    Bath chair?? Friends swore by it. It suction cups to the bottom of the tub. Lol 
    I looked into those today! Although there didn't seem to be many options; I thought I heard somewhere that they were recalled or no longer sold due to safety issues? (Parents leaving kids in tub unattended, not safety issues when parents were actually using it as intended!)
  • I've had to resort to using the mesh bath sling again. Him being in the recliner position means no standing/pulling up and I find it a lot easier to wash the bottom half of his body when it's not submerged. I usually sit him up after everything has been cleaned so he can play.
  • I just get in with her now and she doesn't try to stand anymore. Also, washing her hair is a breeze!
  • I still use a bath chair. Used it for dd1. I love it. It keeps her in and safe. Of course don't leave your kid. 
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  • I still use a bath chair. Used it for dd1. I love it. It keeps her in and safe. Of course don't leave your kid. 
    Which one do you have? Any recommendations?
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    I just wash my guy while he's standing and playing and he doesn't even really notice. Just keep the water level pretty shallow and always keep a hand on him and you should be ok :)
  • We are currently back in the kitchen sink again as the bath tub was too big and allowed too much movement! So far it has done the trick as there is nothing for him to grab higher than him to pull up on. Finger crossed it will last for awhile! 
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