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Question about Ferber + Teething

we appear to be on the precipice of getting the first tooth, we did the Ferber training about two months ago and I'm just curious to know what others do during teething who have used the Ferber method?  I know the whole concept is to make sure they stay in the crib all night and not get nursed to sleep or rocked to sleep or constant pacifiers being given all throughout the night, but when they are teething and in pain what do you do? I can't just let her cry in her crib in pain. Do you just throw everything out the window and then redo the Ferber when it's done? I don't want to have to do that for her sake or mine. Any hints or suggestions?

Re: Question about Ferber + Teething

  • I always soothe when LO is sick or in pain.  That said, in the majority of cases it has been as simple as a dose of Motrin at bedtime and then maybe another dose before a snooze button feed.  Once we got sleep figured out with both boys I can only remember rare occasions that sleep was greatly disrupted (meaning I ended up basically sleeping in the nursery) and those were during a stomach bug and the night we had our canines and 1st year molars break the gums. 

    You may find that you need to "re-do" Ferber when its over but it usually ends up being really mild. A lot of babies go back to their old routine with no fuss once they feel better. 
  • Agree. I did the sleep lady shuffle, but either way I completely reverted when he got his first two teeth within 2 weeks to nursing and co-sleeping when he was on pain and waking/crying constantly. It made him worse than before in my opinion. Then once I decided to retrain he was like, yes please, this is what I need, and now he's happier back in his crib. Next time I will comfort and do Motrin or tablets at night Instead of reintroducing sleep crutches. But don't be too surprised if they're up a lot and need a little reminder of the sleep training when they're feeling better either way. 
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  • We do the sleep lady shuffle too since she gets very worked up at night if she knows we've left the room. I don't pick her up to soothe her if I can absolutely avoid it or I won't be able to put her back down for at least a half hour or she'll get even more upset. But I shush, and rub her back and hum softly to comfort her as needed, although I do try to just give her the pacifier quietly and then leave the room first before I stand next to her crip or sit in the rocking chair.  We do more of a modified Ferber for naps, but that doesn't work at night. I also don't rush in there right away unless she is crying hard because sometimes she'll put herself back to sleep. But she is getting all 4 of her lateral incisors in right now, poor baby.
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