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Bath time questions

I'm a FTM and I'm actually still waiting for him to come (38weeks), but had a question or two about bath time.  We have a baby tub, and hubby has talked about putting in on the kitchen sink for baths.  I get the idea of not having to bend over etc...but I can't get past the part about if he pees or poops during bath, and it being in my kitchen sink.  Is this something I'm over thinking or what?

Re: Bath time questions

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    My LO is 3 months and I bathe him in a baby bathtub in our actual tub. Never used the sink. I would imagine though that if he did poop in the sink it'd be easier to just drain the water out and use the faucet to clean off baby as opposed to it getting all in his little tub. I'd say you're overthinking it. You could always bleach/sanitize the sink if it ever happened. My son has peed during bath time but I figure it's mostly just water anyway, so it's no big deal. It's only ever happened right before I'm about to finish up as well which made it even easier

    eta: he's only ever peed in tub like twice, it's not that common of an occurrence 
  • Haha! This is a legitimate concern. DS has pooped in his tub over the sink several times. It's not a big deal and it just rinses down the drain with the bath water. I do spray a sanitizer afterward though. 
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    You're overthinking it for sure. It is much easier to bathe baby in a standing position for the first several weeks. We put DD's baby tub on the kitchen counter for her first baths. 

    Ps my DD is 7mo and has never popped during bath time. I'm sure she pees all the time but how do we know?
  • It is a concern but it won't always happen. DD is 4 months now and has only peed during bath time like 3 times. Her first couple of baths we actually laid her down on the kitchen island and gave her a sponge bath then we put her tub on the island and the water just goes into the sink. We only put the tub on the counter once and that was when she was like 2ish weeks. Ever since then I have put her tub in our tub. She has never pooped during bath time, once she did decide to poop on her towel right as I wrapped her up to dry off haha thankfully that was only once.
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  • I have two kids and neither has even pooped in the bath. And they rarely pee in the bath. If it happens just clean it out. 

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  • I have been putting the baby bath tub on the kitchen counter top. I unplug the plug afterwards and the water can drain right down the sink. Pretty handy and easy on the back for sure. The house we're in now has no bathtub. In the winter I think it will be warmer to give the bath in the bathroom. My older kids seemed to only poop when they were much older babies or toddlers in the tub.
  • yogahhyogahh member
    If you have a cs, bathing in the kitchen sink will be so much easier for you. Before dd was born, I thought it was gross to bath her in the same place I clean raw chicken. But since bring her home 5 weeks ago all of her baths are in the kitchen sink. It's so much easier than bending over the bathtub, and honestly, I feel like I have a better grasp of her than I would if I put her in a big bathtub. 

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  • Thanks for the replies!  I guess DH wins this round, lol.
  • My guy is 10 weeks old. He pees while bathing all the time, but never poops. I think he has to focus so hard to poop and the spray of the water is too distracting. We states out in the tub and he hated it! We moved him to the kitchen sink and now he loves bath time. 
    Just remember, pee doesn't have any bacteria in it unless baby has an infection. Ancient cultures used to wash there clothes in it!!! Yuck... But peeing isn't so bad, and if you plan to breastfeed, poop isn't either.
  • I have a baby bath but she absolutely hates it so for now I am taking her in the bath with me since its the only way she will be calm. Hopefully she will grow out of that because I really prefer my baths to be my time to relax. 
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  • For babies, bathing them in a bath tub would be great idea rather than bathing them in the kitchen sink. I thing using kitchen sink for bathing is not a good idea.

  • Momof1 said:

    For babies, bathing them in a bath tub would be great idea rather than bathing them in the kitchen sink. I thing using kitchen sink for bathing is not a good idea.

     Why do you say this???  Interested to hear your reasoning.

    It was the perfect area for my LO for the first 6 months or so. It small, confined, the spray (if needed) is very gentle and if there is a poop accident very easy to clean up with bleach (or any other disinfectant of your choice) and water. 
    I few up being bathed in the kitchen sink and I turned out just fine. Just make sure to clean it thoroughly. 
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  • I have a baby bath but I love nothing my baby in the sink it's so much easier ! She's up at my height so I'm not Branding over and the sprayer is great esp for hair washing !!! It does usually take two of us but I prefer it 
  • I had two baby tubs when I had my son and will use both this time as well.  The first month or so when they are itty bitty I used this one that fits in the bathroom or kitchen sink really well.  After he had more head and body control I switched to the standard plastic baby tub and either filled it on the bathroom counter or put it in the big tub.  I agree having the baby at counter height was great for those first few weeks post partum.
  • I used a dish tub in the sink for atleast the first 3 months maybe more. They used the little tubs at the hospital and sent it home we used that. Much easier than the tub. I am sure he peed but at a year old he still hasn't pooped in the tub. Also ladies when they are small they only need 2 baths a week. Their skin will dry out with too many baths. 
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