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Surprise- I'm peeing

I will be seeking medicall advice but it's the weekend and it's not urgent. 

Friday afternoon 330p or so my sister leaves my house and I go pee. Baby wakes up from nap and I put her in her exersaucer while I do dishes. Must have been 345-350p or so. I'm washing dishes and I think to myself oh "I must have to pee again (I felt that tingle we all do) ok when i finish...wait why are my toes I dripping sink's down my I peeing...what the hell?" I see a small puddle by my feet undeniably from me. Fast forward today (like 30 minutes ago). I'm breastfeeding my baby to sleep- laying side by side. I go to get up and I start to feel wetness on my dress...I get up quicker and sure enough wet spot.

I had no bladder issues while pregnant or after. Baby is 6 months and I'm not pregnant. No apparent issues when I'm holding pee in or when I stand from peeing on the toilet. Both times i didnt feel anything internally only wetness when it hit another part of me. No problems when i laugh or sneeze. As best as I can suppose the issue is maybe a particular angle...? 

Has anyone had anything remotely like this?!? 

Re: Surprise- I'm peeing

  • My first thought is maybe you pinched the nerve that allows you to feel it. Maybe a chiropractor could help a bit? No idea, just a thought.
  • Any news on this? I'm just curious?! 
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  • I also notice new bladder issues this month. I haven't peed myself, but I've started leaking, which ever happened before.
  • Sorry I've been gone. My phone has been acting up. No real news except I haven't really had a chance to see the Dr. I'm pretty in and out all day, living in south Florida I sweat lot. I figured dampness in my undies was from sweat but now I'm not so sure. I've been trying to do kegles. The surprise pee hasn't happened again but I'm constantly worrying I've left a mark somewhere. 
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