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Sleep Regression at 6 weeks?

Just looking for some advice or help!
My 6 week old was just starting to sleep fairly well 3-4 hours at a time only waking up once in the middle of the night, and in his own room. All of the sudden at 6 weeks he is waking up almost every hour during the night, not seeming to want a lot to eat & his diaper is not very wet. Any suggestions on how to remedy this and get back to where we were with him? He would previously get up in the night to be changed from a very wet or soiled diaper and to eat a fairly large amount but this week has only been to seemingly be held...

Re: Sleep Regression at 6 weeks?

  • taysuntaysun member
    Have you looked into wonder weeks? Also, six weeks is peak fussiness.
  • We had the exact same problem at 6 weeks! It will pass (though I know it doesn't feel like it right now). Our LO is 8 weeks and we've been back to normal (and making more progress) for about a week now. 
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  • Thank you all! I did find wonder weeks and it made me feel better to know that this is peak fussiness time. 
  • Same as pp mentioned, weeks 5-8 were very trying times for us and LO with crying and needing to nurse what seemed like all the time. Very normal and it will get better. Definitely NOT sleep regression! Google or go to Kelly Mom to search 4 month wakeful period if you want a glimpse of whats to come (or wait to spare your sanity) but at this age, their needing to eat and waking and crying isnt related to the cognitive changes that occur during sleep regression. That usually begins somewhere in the 3-5 month age depending on baby. We recently emerged from over a month period of sleep regression hell with our LO who just turned 5 months. Hang in there!
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