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Elevated Glycohemoglobin levels

hi ladies...so i got a mag from my doctor today that my glycohemoglobin levels were elevated and i have to go in for an ultrasound tomorrow to check the baby's weight and we can make a decision from there about delivery. I am in a total panic over this. My doctor didnt offer much reassurance as to if this was normal and said we would discuss it tomorrow when i go in....

can anyone tell me what to expect from this so i can try and sleep tonight?
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Re: Elevated Glycohemoglobin levels

  • I don't know much about this. But a quick google search tells me that it has to do with sugar levels and diabetes. Were you diagnosed with GD at all this pregnancy? I would assume based on this info that they are concerned that baby is on the larger size since GD babies tend to be larger. That is likely why your doc wants to do an US. Either way if your doctor didn't seem very panicked then I would try not to stress about it. 

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