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Z pack during pregnancy?

About 2 weeks ago, I came down with a bad cold. I've been fighting it off, trying not to take anything (I took Tylenol cold once when I had to give a reading at a wedding and didn't want to be a sniffly, sneezing mess). Last night, one side of my throat began to hurt and the lymph nodes on that side swelled up.

Luckily, I had an on gyn appointment today (just moved to a new city, don't have a PCP yet) and she prescribed me a z pack, even though she couldn't test for strep in her office. My best friend, who is also a women's health NP, wants me to go to an Urgent Care for a strep test before I start taking the antibiotics. 

Anyone here have have any experience with taking antibiotics or potentially having strep during pregnancy?

Re: Z pack during pregnancy?

  • Strep is pretty uncommon in adults, unless you work closely with small children. Have you had any fevers? That's a pretty hallmark symptom of strep. Tonsils are designed to swell and unfortunately get painful when you get an infection as they're part of your immune system. I'd agree with your friend, get a rapid strep test run before taking potentially unnecessary antibiotics.
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  • Z packs are like a bandaid that doctors seem to hand out regardless of what you may or may not have. I hate the idea of taking unnecessary antibiotics, even at such low doses. I'd go see your primary care doc and get a strep test first. 
  • I'm waiting at the CVS minute clinic for the strep test. I filled the prescription, just in case it is positive but I'm waiting until I get the results to take it. I think the z pack is the only antibiotic safe for me in pregnancy since I'm allergic to penicillin and cipro. Thanks for the advice, fingers crossed the strep test is negative!
  • With my 2nd I got a call a week or so after one of my shifts that I had been helping take care of a patient that ended up being diagnosed with pertussis. I had to take a zpak for that. Such is life.
  • Last year during my 3rd trimester I got a cold which turned into a bacterial infection so I took the Z pack. My dr said going into labor while sick is not a good idea so I took and and felt much better. I had a healthy baby girl. I got sick again during my 1st trimester with this pregnancy and took another Z pack. I would wait to get your results before taking it but if you need it then you need it. I had strep throat 6 times in a year as an adult so I had my tonsil removed. You can get strep when you are an adult.  Your immune system isn't as strong when you are pregnant. Try honey and lemon tea for some relief, being sick while Prego is the worst!! Good luck!! 
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