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  • @ktomorrow do it! I'm almost 37w, and floating on a lake sounds like heaven right now. I'm a little curious-is it like a drive-in theater or something?
  • @ktomorrow Do it. I'm 37 wks now and would die to float on a lake right now...
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  • @ktomorrow Do it. I'm 37 wks now and would die to float on a lake right now...
    me too!!
  • ktomorrowktomorrow member
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    Thanks all!  I needed reassurance on that one.  @schaze They put up a screen like the ones at drive ins but overlooking a lake.  @TiffRox81 It's close enough to home (Austin) that if baby girl is literally scared out of me we can get to my hospital. (I'm a wimp so not totally ready to rule that possibility out). I hear they even have scuba divers go around grabbing ankles and such (eek). Soo Austin...

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  • @ktomorrow FUN!!! What a great date night. That would be hard to miss out on!
  • LF93LF93 member
    I don't know if there is any but what is the etiquette when it comes to not wanting a gift from someone for baby? I don't mean to sound ungrateful because I appreciate everything I have gotten/will get for baby. I have a "friend" who is very toxic and I've not spoken to her face to face since August last year, she randomly texts me to say  she has a few outfits for the baby. Bare in mind, she's the kind of person to say she bought something only to 'forget it' when meeting. I know for a fact she's only texting me now because she's finished college for the summer and wants someone to meet up with until college resumes. Should I meet her and chance having her toxicity in my life to be polite or do I brush it off? 
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  • We have to go to a wedding tomorrow and I really wanted to get a pedicure, but ran out of time tonight.  Thought maybe I could do it myself instead...ha! I know no one will really be looking at my toes, but I feel like I have Shrek feet
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  • I got so wrapped up in peeing in the cup for my appointment (I peed on myself last time...) that I forgot to flush the toilet. I felt so embarrassed when I realized the nurse went in after me and flushed it. 
  • @LF93 I wouldn't. Someone once said to me, "Do you really want to invite that drama back into your life?" It's nice of you to consider her feelings, but since she's toxic, I would just leave it be.
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  • Puddles03 said:
    I have yet to actually meet anyone who enjoyed pregnancy... I swear it something that is made up! That and this pregnancy glow everyone talks about... I only glow when I am sunburnt or I have popped blood vessels in my face/eyes from puking so much!
    I am one of the weird ones. I was mildly nauseous a few weeks both times, but don't really have aches, swelling, heartburn, etc. I'm tall and don't carry way out in front like some women. I'm honestly pretty comfortable. I get uncomfortable when other moms ask if I'm so ready to be done because I'm definitely not a baby person and don't mind pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids, but I find taking care of babies exhausting and stressful. After DD's miserable colic, I almost have a baby phobia and want to keep this one in there.
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  • @ktomorrow near Austin? Tell me more about this event lol this sounds amazing & my home is also Austin. 
  • @LF93 I wouldn't meet with her. If she's drama, it's not worth opening that door again. I have an obnoxious neighbor who keeps saying she has a present for me. I avoid her at all costs and if she leaves something on my doorstep I'll do a "return to sender" and send that back. I don't want that negativity around my baby. 
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  • @victoria98 Alamo Drafthouse is putting it on. "Jaws on the Water" Should be a heck of a distraction from pregnancy exhaustion! 
  • My first pregnancy was amazingly easy. No pain or discomfort. No weird symptoms or oddities. And I still hated being pregnant. That being said, I came into this pregnancy expecting a similar experience and MAN was I wrong. It's a complete 180 physically, mentally, and emotionally. I won't be doing this again, lol. 
  • @BeachTigress same here! I have had a fabulous pregnancy until the last month when high BP started and shit went wild. Before that it was awesome and made me think I could have a zillion kids!
  • am0987am0987 member
    @theshannondee how is your induction going? I am being induced tonight for the same reasons (pre-e/blood pressures). Just wondering if you have any words of wisdom!
  • Today is supposed to be freezer meal prep day....but I feel like garbage and there's a Nightmare on Elm Street Marathon on all day soooo.....needless to say I have yet to do anything productive. 
  • @stellaluna14 Nightmare on Elm Street trumps everything 
  • am0987 said:
    @theshannondee how is your induction going? I am being induced tonight for the same reasons (pre-e/blood pressures). Just wondering if you have any words of wisdom!
    So far it sucks. I hope yours goes better than mine! Baby clearly wasn't ready to come at 37 weeks!
  • Weville said:
    For some reason I got down on the floor to play with the dogs. I may live here now

    Oh my gosh I love that gif. That is me every single day when I get on the floor to play with my toddler.
  • am0987am0987 member
    am0987 said:
    @theshannondee how is your induction going? I am being induced tonight for the same reasons (pre-e/blood pressures). Just wondering if you have any words of wisdom!
    So far it sucks. I hope yours goes better than mine! Baby clearly wasn't ready to come at 37 weeks!
    I am also barely 37 weeks and I'm nervous for a looooong induction! Best of luck to you, keep us posted :-)
  • @rakel88 Im curious, too! I feel so clueless! 
  • @rakel88 They vary a lot I think. For me, I just had a horrible shooting pain in my back. I never felt anything "squeezing" like I have heard described. I guess it was because of back labor. I would say though, I do think you will know for sure when you feel one. They don't feel good!
  • rakel88 said:
    Guys, what does a contraction feel like? I feel like it's one of those "you'll know when you have one" but what if I don't?? I've never had period cramps, so while I've heard that comparison, that doesn't help...
    Yesterday THREE COUPLES in our Bradley class AND our couple friends in Iceland had their babies and they were all due 2ish weeks after me so I'm getting my mind in the game but I feel clueless
    I've heard it compared to period pains and from my experience don't agree. For me personally it was a lot of tightening, clenching feelings in the lower stomach. At first it's just uncomfortable and makes you grimace a bit but as they get more frequent and stronger the feeling moves further down you can't walk or talk through it so you should definitely know for sure by then 
  • I love Deadpool! It was so funny! 
  • @rakel88 STM and I still wonder the same since I was induced last time. Until my water broke, I wouldn't have thought my contractions were anything more than BH if I would have even noticed them. They were every 3 minutes for over an hour on Pitocin, but they didn't do frequent cervical checks on me, so I have no clue if they were productive or not.
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  • eymieymi member
    I enjoyed it for most of the time, honestly. The first tri was nothing like I thought, and the second was a breeze. Some time in the last few weeks the charm really wore off for me, but it's not a reach to think someone else might enjoy it all the way through too!

    BeachTigress said:
    @Puddles03 I would have to say that I am another odd women out. I've enjoyed my pregnancy from beginning to end. I've had it pretty easy that I'm starting to think that my next pregnancy is going to be hell. Yes I get uncomfortable from time to time, being almost 37 weeks, but I love being pregnant. I told my husband that he better be lucky that we aren't rich because I could so seeing having a bunch of kids if all my pregnancies would be like this.
  • Thinking of you @theshannondee! Glad to hear you've made some progress. Hang in there!
  • @theshannondee hope mommy and baby are continuing to labor well! Stay strong mama 
  • @theshannondee hope all is going well. You can do it!!!!
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