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Post Baby Body

Let's be real. We're all probably sucking in to some degree and feeling pretty darn squishy right now.  And some of us are probably struggling to even shower. 

Which pregnancy/baby was this?

How are you feeling about your current shape?  Feel free to complain.

Did the reality of your post partum body meet your pre baby expectations?

Re: Post Baby Body

  • I had my son the first week of March. He is my first and he came via c section. Although he is also EBF, I lost only about 2/3 of what I had gained while pregnant within the first 3 weeks and after that everything just stalled. I believe part of it was because I couldn't deliver vaginally (he was breech) and the longer recovery time means I got a later start to exercising (leisurely walk with son in his stroller) the weight off. The crappy weather we've been having in this area hasn't helped.

    Plus my SO works 6 days a week so I prepare all the meals and honestly I don't eat like I should during the day considering I'm a SAHM with very little help.

    Needless to say, I'm still feeling pretty squishy and flabby.  :/

    I do have to say though, all I have to do is look at my little guy and I know I'd wreck my body all over again for him if I had to. 
  • DD is 14 weeks old and is my first. 

    I only gained 18lbs with her and so I smugly thought I'd get all the weight off quickly. NOPE! Actually the opposite. I was run/walking until the day I had her and reality with a newborn is that I don't have time to do 5 miles a day anymore. I'm just now losing weight 3 months later. 

    We moved when DD was a month old and we've been staying with my parents while we (still...) wait to close on our house. Once we're in our own place I'll be able to start doing work out videos and meal planning and running like I used to. It's hard to meal plan in someone's house when they're cooking good southern food. 

    Im just ready to not be squishy. I'll never wear my old jeans again and that's okay but I need to feel better than this. 
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  • This is my third baby, the other two are 2 and almost 4. He just turned three months, and the weight is not coming off as quickly as it did the first two times. 

    The first time it took me 4 months and I had gained 42 pounds. The next time I gained 33 pounds and it took me 5 months. This time I gained about 33 pounds again and I have about 8 to go. 

    I dont mind if it takes a little longer, but I can't fit into any of my shorts or pants still and it bums me out. I bought some elastic waist linen shorts at old navy because I couldn't take the maternity shorts anymore. 

    I'm not eating as well as I could be, and I'm not exercising as much as I should be. It's so hard to find time to exercise, with all three kids home all the time and the oldest doesn't nap anymore. But it's still just an excuse. I wasn't losing weight and ate well and exercised for 3 weeks and lost 5 pounds, but then I stopped being careful and haven't lost any for a couple weeks now. So I need to do it again...looks like breastfeeding on its i.e. isn't going to be enough this time!

    I just want to wear my clothes again!

  • I've only lost  about 22 pounds since giving birth.  I have about 30 pounds to go.  I've never lost weight this slowly before. I still have to wear maternity clothes and I look about four months pregnant. 

    I wanted to lose all the weight before going back to work,  but it's not reasonable to lose 30 pounds in two months.  I'm frustrated.  I just want to wear my clothes again. 
  • eivaskaeivaska member
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    I was under my pre baby weight when I left the hospital, but I was still surprised by some of the changes in my body. I'm plus size and had a lot of fat in my stomach to begin with so it was pretty squishy. I never expected it to be even squishyer and have a different texture after baby! Also even though I'm not breastfeeding my nipples haven't returned to their pre-pregnancy color. I think that's probably the thing that frustrates me the most, I don't like the color lol

    edit: this is baby #1

  • This is Baby Number 2.
    I love that I don't look like I'm smuggling a watermelon anymore, but the saggy belly overhang is a bit of a bummer. I'm not happy with my appearance, so I just don't look in mirrors. Thankfully there's an adorable baby girl to look at instead.  
    Losing weight now has been tougher than after my first pregnancy. There are a lot of different factors, but still, since I gained less this pregnancy I thought it would come off easier. I'm almost halfway to my prebaby weight, so I know I'll get there eventually. It just takes time.
  • I'm a FTM and my baby was born on March 1st. My tummy is a little squishy, but overall I'm happy with how I look now. I think I weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy. Granted, I was a bit chubby before, but most of my clothes are baggy now. I'm not saying I look super hot...I do still have some squish that results in rather unattractive muffintops...but it's really OK. At least I have an excuse for the squish. No tight clothes for me for a while yet, though. :-p

    The stretch marks are healing as well. They've gone from red to a kind of...brown? Hopefully they'll keep fading with time. And hopefully the squish firms up a bit more.
  • This is baby #3 and I gained 20 lbs with her and lost it all plus an extra 10 two weeks after I had her. Granted I was extremely stressed out being a single mom of 3 and not one single person to help me so I was barely eating and I was breastfeeding. I've since managed to gain back 10 now that things aren't as crazy. However let me just add that overall I am 100 pounds heavier than I was before I had my first child. I'm glad I am not any bigger than I was before I had her but I'm still depressed I have 100 pounds to lose. 
  • This was my second pregnancy.  My son was born 3/22 and I've lost 28lbs but still have another 32 to go. 
    Before getting pregnant both times I lost 48lbs. I was 2 lbs away from my goal and got pregnant. I gained 50 lbs with my first pregnancy. It took my 11 months to lose 46lbs so now I was 4lbs away from my goal weight and I found out I was pregnant again. I swore I wouldn't gain as much this time and do better with eating. My exercise consists with walking to our pond two miles thru the woods which I couldn't nor did I want to do this winter so gaining weight came easy. I gained 60lbs this time. 20 in the last two months. I was so disappointed. I ate great this time too but for some reason I gained. 
    Now 11 weeks later I'm almost half way thru the weight. I want to lose 30lbs before 6/22 hopefully I will. But I cannot stand looking at myself in the mirror. Or the fact I have to wear a size 10-12 jeans. It's so annoying and heartbreaking to see all the weight I have to lose. 

    Im way more exhausted with this boy than my first but I'm sure chasing an almost two year old around has a lot to do with it. My walk now consists of me pushing a stroller with my two year old son in it and the new guy on my chest in the carrier. It takes forever and most days I don't want to go but I want to lose the weight so I push thru and do it. I hate wearing shorts or being around my 115lb mom. 
    Being only 5'1" it doesn't help being 162.8 lbs it is extremely noticeable.
    i cannot wait to be done losing weight. Although if it's anything like last time that'll be when baby number 3 is on the way. And when these two boys smile I know gaining 50-60 lbs was totally worth it. 
  • Which pregnancy/baby was this? This was my first pregnancy, first baby.

    How are you feeling about your current shape?  Feel free to complain. Immediately following delivery (within 5 days) I had lost 15 lbs. By 3 weeks post partum I was down 28 lbs and still have about 22 lbs to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was incredibly hopeful at first with how quickly I was losing but that tapered off around 1 month post-partum but I also don't make as much time for working out as I'd like to so it's also partially my fault.

    Did the reality of your post partum body meet your pre baby expectations? Yes and no. I wasn't expecting to lose so much immediately following the delivery but also wasn't expecting it to taper off and slow down so quickly either. But looking at my beautiful smiling boy, I know gaining that weight and not being entirely happy with my body now is 1000% worth it and I'd do it all over again a million times!
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  • Lurking from April 

    My baby was born on March 31st, he will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. I gained 55 pounds during pregnancy (this was my first) and was down 15 pounds 3 days after he was born. I lost another 10 pounds within the next 2 weeks. My weight loss slowed down after that, and Ive since lost another 7 pounds by eating healthy/portion control. So I still have 23 pounds to lose. I was hoping to lose all the weigt by the time I go back to work, but I go back in 2 weeks. None of my clothes fit, except yoga pants and maternity clothes. I have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks also, and I ordered a size 12 dress. I normally wear size 6. It sucks!

    my postpartum body actually exceeded my expectations. My lady parts were back to normal looking a few days after delivering. The internet pretty much told me my vagina would look like a war zone, so I was pleasantly surprised. My belly is squishy but I still have my prepregnancy body shape, which I was expecting to change. Once I lose the extra fat, Im sure I will be happy with my body again, minus the ugly stretch marks. My boobs took a hit though, they arent as perky as they were. Im not breastfeeding, but pregnancy itself made my boobs saggier. Ugh! 

    When I was pregnant, I would feel sad about how my body would be permanently changed and that I probably wouldnt feel confident being naked or ever wear a bikini again, but now that my son is here, I would gladly go through it all again.  honestly dont even care about how my body looks now, aside from losing the extra weight. I enjoy my sweet baby so much more than wearing a bikini, lol! They make sexy one pieces these days anyhow! ;)
  • This is my first baby, she is 15 weeks
    I put in 33lbs, which i lost by 3 weeks pp,
    so i was feeling pretty good. Unfortunately in the last 8 weeks, ive put on 10lbs, so now feeling less then amazing. I am trying to lose it, but excersie alone isnt shifting it and every time i try and cut calories my milk supply takes a dive. I just need to wait it out until i wean in 3 months (for other reasons, not for dieting) and then i can go back on the eating plan i was on before i got pregnant. My body did go back surprisingly well, so im confident that when i lose those last 10lbs, ill be happy 
  • Baby # 1.

    He is 13 weeks, born via c-section. And I gained 50lbs while pregnant (Started off at 110lbs) I dropped 20lbs the first two weeks. 

      I had prepared myself for the stretch marks and saggy skin, but I only have three marks on my left hip (can be mistaken for panty marks) and the skin never sagged. The ab muscles went back in place on week 3. 

         I have 10 lbs to go. I like the changes, I finally wear a C-cup.
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    I had my LO March 6th, she'll be 14 weeks tomorrow and she is my first. About 6 months before I got pregnant with her I lost 35lbs and I was at my absolutely best weight ever and for once in my life I finally felt good about my body. Even during my pregnancy I never not felt good about how I looked, even though I had gained 50lbs with my LO. I knew I wouldn't go back down to my lovely 120lbs body that I had before having her but I also didn't expect to gain more weight and then slowly, and trust me I mean slooowly, lose some. It's becoming a bit discouraging, I just want to fit into my clothes again and not feel so ugly. But luckily my SO is extremely kind and wonderful and reminds me everyday that I am beautiful no matter what. And as much as I absolutely love him and his kind words, It's not going to get me back into a size 5! It's extremely hard to be active when you're a SAHM and live in a state where it rains almost everyday of summer! I hope one day that I actually feel comfortable in my body again, but if I don't that's okay too because I have a beautiful baby girl that I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat for.
  • I gained 53 pounds, I was hungry... Only 14 more to go! I hate exercising and normally eat like a garbage disposal. I've just been breastfeeding and eating like a normal human being. 
    The only thing I was surpassed by was the stretch marks. The didn't look so bad on my giant belly but there are so many!  They seem to be fading a little though. 
  • I'm glad this thread is here. This was my first pregnancy/baby so I didn't know how my body would respond. I was in my best shape ever when I got pregnant. barely showed for 6 months so I thought maybe I would be one of those tiny cute pregnant women, but then BAM my last trimester I exploded and then ended up with a ten pounder. Lol - go figure. 

    anyways, the last 2 months of pregnancy I ate whatever I wanted and I think I became addicted to sweets/chocolate. Still struggling with it now! I gained 45 pounds and am still carrying around 10-15 of them now at 12 weeks post partum. Not sure how many extra pounds are because of breastfeeding but it's gotta be at least a few, right?! 

    Im pretty happy for the most part. Back in most of my old clothes, at least. Frustrated with my eating habits but I know I won't do this forever. 
  • As a FTM, I gained 40 lbs (most of it in the 3rd trimester).  15 lbs came off within the week of delivery and another 10 within the first month, but LO is now 3 months old and I still have 12 -15 lbs to go.  Not much time for exercise now that I'm working again.  I'm still in my maternity pants because i don't want to spend money on new clothes.
  • @annawestt the same thing happened to me, i developed a sweet tooth while pregnant and just cant shake it!!!
  • Y'all the sweet tooth is real. I can't for the life of me control it. I used to eat crazy healthy and I can't get back in to it still. I've never craved anything like I craved sweets then and now. 
  • Baby #4, I think I gained around 27lbs, lost 20 in the first 4ish weeks and I've been working on the last 7 ever since. I worked out my whole pregnancy and have been back at it at least 6 days/week since 5 weeks post partum. Despite all my efforts I still have a 2-4lbs to go. It's sooo frustrating. I've really cleaned up my eating so while I'm eating healthy foods I'm just eating too much of them. I'm just so hungry at the end of the day between working out, chasing the kids and breastfeeding all day long. The 4 lbs that I have managed to lose have been coming off slowly so I'm hopeful the rest will too. I know it doesn't sound like much to some people but I'm not that big and it's definitely noticeable (to me at least) and frustrating to feel hungry so much and not be losing weight.  I gained about the same amount but had a much easier time losing the weight with the last 3, but I wasn't working out then, not sure if it's that or being 33 with this one!  Either way, of course it was totally worth it!
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  • mshukhmshukh member
    Baby #2. I gained 29 lbs with my first and was able to lose 20 of it right away but then gained five back while nursing. It took me two years to take those five back off. I was still about ten lbs above prepregnancy weight. Got pregnant with this one and only gained 13-14 lbs but lost all right away. I worked out almost this  whole pregnancy and started running two weeks post partum again slowly. I'm watching my amounts and what I eat and working out already 5-6 days a week but nothing is moving. I think I could do it if I ate less but like PP, I'm just so hungry after working out, nursing, and just chasing a toddler that I'm not sure how to get there. 

  • amyidamyid member
    I had a big surgery at 30 weeks - my babe stretched that thing right across my stomach for a further 9 weeks and some days I am super bummed about how it looks. My surgery and delivery meant that I havn't done as much moving as I would have liked and now summer has hit and its 104 outside. I fear it is time to crack the whip and just get myself moving even if it is crazy hot out otherwise before I know it this baby belly will be around forever. I gained about 30lbs in my pregnancy and I think that I am still carrying about 20 of that .. the whole breastfeeding makes you lose weight thing is sooooo not true for me!  
  • This was my first baby. I only gained 12lbs during pregnancy, I had a hard time gaining weight. I've always been within the average range. I eat mostly healthy with some indulgences (sour candy is my weakness!) but my job kept me super active. I'm a vice principal at a high needs elementary school so I was constantly on the move. My doctor actually took me off work early because I had gained 15lbs and then lost 3 in week 38. 9 days post partum, I was down 20lbs. I was seriously all baby and once all my fluid retention left, I was good to go! I've since gained 5 pounds but it's still a net loss of 3 from pre baby weight. That being said, my body is far from perfect, but just yesterday I noticed that my tummy is looking firmer! I was lucky to not get any stretch marks either. Not looking forward to swim suit season, but st the same time, I've earned this extra squishiness and my DH and baby do not mind at all :)
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