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Allergy medicine impacting breastfeeding

it seems to really drop my supply when I use Benadryl and I think that this is common even though the medication is safe to use for nursing moms. Is anyone using something for allergies that's successful and has no impact on your supply? I'm a itchy runny nose mess lately 

Re: Allergy medicine impacting breastfeeding

  • My doctor said to stear clear of Benedryl one of its ingredients can start to dry you up. I've been taking Zyrtec I haven't noticed a change in my supply.  I believe that it's helped me I suffer from itchy watery eyes. Hope this helps! 
  • Thank you! It's something to try before I can ask the physician Monday 
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    I was told it's OK to take Loratidine only 
  • I am taking Claritin and Flonase, I have terrible seasonal allergies and that's what my doctor recommended. It hasn't affected my supply at all. 

  • I get terrible seasonal allergies and I've always taken Zyrtec and haven't had a problem. I'll occasionally take a benedryll if I have a reaction to something.
  • Thanks ladies, claritan is taking the edge off a bit
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