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Breast pump weaning

I've been exclusively pumping since my baby didn't do well on the breast.  I've recently got done with having mastitis and my milk production dropped significantly.  I can't keep up with baby so I've been thinking of weaning off the pump.  Anyone have any good tips to make sure you don't get more clogged ducts and end up with mastitis again? 

Re: Breast pump weaning

  • When I weaned off the pump with DD2 I just did it really slowly... pump less each time and less frequently, basically just what you need to not be uncomfortable. It seems like it took about a week... but my memory is not great. Lol I just made sure to check for hard spots/lumps that would indicate a clogged duct, and massage it out.
  •  I am not weaning off a pump, but I'm about to start switching from breast-fed to formula fed ( I go back to work in 3 weeks, and pumping at work will not be feasible for me).   I'm hoping to drop one feeding every few days starting with the evening. I imagibe that the overnight feeding and morning feeding will probably be the last to go. 

    With DS1,  it took about two weeks to dry out completely. 
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  • Do it slowly.  Start by dropping pumping sessions and pumping for less time. Pump only until you get relief and not until you drain your boobs. Also take sudafed, its dries you out but is still safe for LO. It sounds weird but put cold cabbage leaves on your boobs for 20-30 minutes at a time. It feels amazing and helps reduce supply. Do the several times a day. 

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  • Pump to relieve not empty.
    It took me a week to dry up. I had engorgment for half that week. One breast dried faster than the other. When you feel full or in pain, pump for no more than 5 minutes to alleviate the pain.
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