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Intro - another BFP 2 months after miscarriage :)

Hey everyone.  I'm 37, mom of two great kids (DD is 5.5 and DS just turned 3) and one little angel that I lost in March at about 9 weeks.  D&C was 4/5.  Got my period again on 5/7.  The doctor had said "wait one cycle," so we TTC again in mid-May.  I was also continuing to go back for repeat HCG tests, since it was 250 2 weeks after D&C.  Then 50, 15, 7 and it finally got to less than 5 around CD14 (6 weeks post D&C).  The doctor called then and said "wait one more cycle."  I said "too late - I thought you just said to wait one."  

And here I am with a BFP at 3w6d.  I'm pretty sure it's for real because I was turning tests negative when my HCG was around 5.  Now they are clearly positive, plus I had 5 days of positive OPK tests on CDs 22-26, cramping with ovulation, etc.  Waiting for blood tests results right now to confirm.  EDD would be 2/11/17, which I think is kind of cool because I got my BFP for my oldest on 2/10/10, and this baby will be our last.  

From what I see online, it seems that having a little bit of HCG in your system at ovulation shouldn't be enough on its own to cause concern.  In fact, some people on fertility treatments get injections of HCG to trigger ovulation.  Right?  

Here's hoping for a healthy 9 months and my last baby!  
Me: 1979 * Husband: 1976 * Little girl: 2010 * Little guy: 2013 * MMC: 2016 * Last baby: EDD 2/11/17!  

Re: Intro - another BFP 2 months after miscarriage :)

  • Big hugs and lots of prayers for a happy, healthy rainbow baby! 
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  • Congrats and sticky baby dust!


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  • Congrats on your BFP! Welcome. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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  • Congratulations!!!!
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  • Congratulations!
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