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Hello all!
I am a newly expectant mother and moving to the burbs from NYC in a month or so, we are due in Dec and would need help with child care in March 2017. What does everyone use for childcare in Westchester area? Are there good sites to research nanny's vs daycare vs whatever else there is? 
 I am so new to all this and trying to prepare in advance!

Re: Child Care Westchester : White Plains / West Harrison area

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    Are you looking for full time?  I only use daycare for one day a week, which really limited my choices.  I was not interested in home daycares and the only center I could find that would do one day was Children's Corner.  We use the one in Purchase and are happy with it.  It opened last July.  I liked this one better than the one on Westchester Ave in White Plains because of the staff.  I will say that I provide my son's meals instead of using their food.  We can be picky with organic food and don't feed him canned food, but I only have to do this one day a week, so it's not a big deal.  I also liked Little Angels Childcare in Rye but it's in the Avon building and I'm not sure what might happen if that Avon location closes.  I called Bright Horizons, but they are more expensive and would not do one day.  I also liked the center at St. Paul's in Rye Brook, but it has a very different feel than the center he's currently in.  Any other places I saw were in CT.  You can look up all NY daycare centers or home daycare locations on this website and it will show you any violations during inspections:

    I don't know much about nanny services in the area.  I liked the idea that my son would get more social interaction with children at a facility.  He was about 10 months when he started though.  
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    If you are interested in live-in, I would love to help you out with au pairs :) I know there are plenty in the area. Let me know and I will send you my contact information.
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