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Membrane Sweep today - did it work for you?

Hi there!  Just had my doc. appointment for my 38 week check up this morning (I'm 38w1d), and he said he "stripped my membranes a little" during my cervical exam.  I have been pretty sick and crabby feeling the past few days, so I'm really hoping to go into labor soon.  I am about 2 CM dilated, been having on and off contractions for weeks, I'm completely thinned out, and my cervix is in the anterior position.  My doctor says my cervix is looking great and I should go into labor on my own some time soon (hopefully no medical induction), and that once I go into actual labor it should go pretty quickly.

I know that the membrane sweep doesn't always work, but is more likely to work if your cervix is "ready" or "ripe".  Has anyone in a situation similar to mine had the membrane thing work and send them into labor?  So far, I've just had irregular contractions on and off and feeling extra crampy, but hoping for more! 

Re: Membrane Sweep today - did it work for you?

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