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No bath at night?

Anyone else NOT do bath time right before bedtime? I'm still doing baths during the day and just curious if anyone else is. It seems to be a part of a lot of the bedtime routines I've seen described on other posts. LO loves his bath but doesn't like getting out and being lotioned up whenever he's sleepy, so I hate to get him all fired up right before bed. I usually do his bath during the day when he's wide awake and not sleepy. When he gets older I do want it to become part of his nighttime routine, but just not sure how long I should wait to start doing it then. 

Re: No bath at night?

  • ^^^yup. He gets a bath a couple days a week. It was never part of a bedtime routine cause he hated them until a couple months ago. 
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  • AiramJAiramJ member
    Same here, we never bathed as part of bed time routine. I shower LO a few times a week. I don't think daily washes are necessary or good for his skin. 
  • J1DJ1D member
    ^^^yup. He gets a bath a couple days a week. It was never part of a bedtime routine cause he hated them until a couple months ago. 
    This is us but if he's not actually dirty sometimes he only gets one bath a week.
    When he was tiny he hated baths so he got one probably every other week. Definetly not as a part of his bedtime routine.
  • We definitely don't bathe everyday and even if I wanted it to be a part of our bed time routine, I wouldn't have time for it.  My husband gets home in time to spend about half an hour with him while I finish dinner.  We eat, they play and get changed into pjs while I clean up.  Then it's story time and bedtime.  Hubby gets home at about 630 and LO is in bed by 730 most nights, sometimes earlier.  I don't shower everyday, why should my baby!  Lol
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  • I only bathe LO once or twice a week, barring incidents like last night's poop explosion that required HAZMAT action.  Your routine can be whatever works for you and baby, so if you have a good thing going with your current routine, I would stick to it!
  • We do twice a week in the morning or early afternoon. Bath time is more fun for her than relaxing so we make sure it's not close to bed time :smile: 
  • We bath at night every other day bc my kid gets filthy. Everyday it's his mission to crawl off his blanket and see what trouble he can get into outside. It doesn't help that the dog is kind enough to bring her toys over to him to share. I have a feeling he's going to be a dirty little farm kid until he graduates. 
  • Usually in the eve couple times a week but not right before bed. Usually will bathe then go downstairs play or read for a few, have bottle then sleep. It's not part of her 'routine' like she needs it to sleep. 
  • We do ours in the early evening because it's always more like playtime!
  • We do baths every couple of days and I usually try to time it after a good poop.  I do not want to deal with her pooping in the tub.  It's not part of any bedtime routine here.
  • chein1chein1 member
    We only bathe LO 2-3 times per week...more frequently now because of the humidity and being outside with sweat and sunscreen and all. But she goes NUTS with the water. Even my two year old tells me she splashes too much haha.
  • I bath my LO before bed, but I don't think that's a requirement at all. She loves water so much she splashes like crazy and wears herself out. It does seem like you want to do it eventually, but I wouldn't worry about it now! I don't bath her every single day, but I do most days because she loves it. I think people stress having a bed time routine to encourage sleep, but if your LO is already sleeping well, why change it?  :)
  • We go back & forth. Sometimes we bathe before bed & sometimes in the AM. Baths tend to rile my twins up & frankly, I'm sometimes too exhausted by bedtime to bathe two of them! It doesn't seem to make a difference on bedtime "routine". 
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