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Brunch Shower Opinions Please

The shower I am planning for my daughter will be held in a small community hall and there will be about 25 people attending.  I decided to make it brunch style starting around 11am on a Saturday.  First of all, do I need to do a full-on brunch with hot food?  I was thinking quiche, hashbrown-type casserole, veg/dip, cheese/crackers, muffins/croissants etc., fruit and a cake. Enough? Too much?

Also, a relative messaged me to remind me that a couple of guests are gluten-free, dairy-free so please ensure the menu is entirely GF/DF.  I am prepared to make sure there are lots of choices there for them, but do I really need to make the entire menu gluten and dairy free?  This seems a little over the top as neither of them are highly allergic, just have sensitivities to what they can eat. 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing what you think!

Re: Brunch Shower Opinions Please

  • I think your menu sounds great.  As long as there is enough food for people to be able to feed themselves a decent meal (since the shower will end up taking place over brunch/lunch) then I think it's ok.  Might add some mini sandwiches but that would be my only other addition.  

    I think you should offer several different GF/DF options (and not just fruit/veggies but also at least several more substantial options), as well as something they can eat for cake/dessert.  But I don't think the whole thing needs to be GF/DF.  Just make sure to label which foods are GF/DF so they know what they can eat.  
  • Thanks for the reply!  I have recipes for quiche, casserole and muffins that are appropriate, and will have regular versions too.  Will need to come up with a GF/DF dessert, something sweet besides fruit :)   Sandwiches would be a good addition as not everybody likes quiche. 
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    No, the entire menu does NOT have to be GF/DF because of those couple guests. Definitely have one or two substantial options for them (like I'd perhaps make 2 hashbrown casseroles - one with cheese/ one without for the DF person).  But the entire menu doesn't have to be catered to them.
  • Thank you, that's what I think as well!
  • So I am 100% grain free and dairy free and I would NEVER expect anyone to plan a menu around me.  When you decide to have a restrictive diet like that you have to be prepared to eat before events like that.

    Your menu sounds great!  
  • Thank you!
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