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Are you having twins?

Is there anyone else out there who is getting asked this constantly now? This pregnancy I've gained about 25 lbs, and I've gained 45, 50, and 35 in previous pregnancies. But weight gain seems irrelevant to being able to avoid this question, as I've always gotten hounded with it starting around 37 or 38 weeks.

Take today (39 weeks) while in line at a store:
woman: You must be near the end!
me: Yup, having a baby next week.
woman: So just one, not twins? Haha!
me: Just one
woman's husband: What about triplets? Are you sure there's only one?
me: (smiled, as I felt no further need to reassure I'm not having multiples)
woman: I had twins, and I have 6 children in all!
me: (I wasn't going to engage further, but now my interest is peaked) Really? And you weren't any bigger than I am now?
woman: Oh no, I was MUCH bigger!
me: (in my head) Then why the heck are you so bent on twins because of my size?

So yeah, this is my life whenever I go in public...and probably yours, right?

Re: Are you having twins?

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    Tawny87Tawny87 member
    The funny thing was my last pregnancy was twins and no one asked me that. I think people just say stupid crap regardless...
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    At 38 weeks with DS2, a lady working at the animal park for DS1's Birthday party was like, "twins?" Me: "nope!" Lady: "ten pounder?" Me: "I hope not..."

    And then he was a 10 pounder. I now revere her as a psychic, but haven't gone back to inform her that she predicted correctly. 

    I haven't received comments like this yet, but I think my resting pregnant bitch face might be helping deter some conversations. Or maybe it's a good sign that baby girl won't be quite as big as her brother...
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    I got asked if I was sure it's only one at my shower at 34 weeks.....it was a family member so I was fairly blunt back.  My cousin just had twins Friday morning and she was massive compared to me so you would think with them looking at both me and her there is a clear difference in size! 
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    My FIL keeps asking me this! It drives me nuts. Or he's like woah and looks at my belly. People are so rude. I just ignore their comments.

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    Its amazing how people have no filter with pregnant women! I am having twins and i get asked it all the time, which still really annoys me - i know i look huge, i dont need someone telling me that everywhere i go! My last pregnancy people asked me if i was having twins all the time (i wasnt) and it drove me nuts!!! 

    And i had someone yesterday jump right to asking me if  having triplets! Huh? Why would you say that to someone?! 
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    cmac827cmac827 member
    My husband asked if I was sure there was only 1 in there. I snapped back and told him he's been to all the ultrasounds and I'm measuring perfectly.
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    Ugh. Stupid people. 
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    SMLmomSMLmom member
    I found I got very few comments until recently because it's been so chilly where I live that I've often had some kind of coat on.  Now that it's off, I get comments CONSTANTLY.  Nothing about twins yet, but a cashier told me I was carrying particularly low (awesome- good to know your thoughts??  Not like I hadn't noticed?  Mind your own business??) and today when buying a Popsicle, the convenience store owner advised me to stay close to home. Let me just buy my Popsicle!!

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