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Hi Everyone,

I had been pretty active on the TTCAL boards after my loss back in October. My DH and I stopped trying in February, per recommendation of my OB, my immunologist and my PC, as I had chronic hives and multiple anaphylactic episodes with no positive allergies over a period of 3-4 months. Waiting for confirmation on a diagnosis of Mastocytosis. 

Anyway, flash forward to this past Tuesday and surprise, I'm pregnant. I'm so happy and completely terrified. Doc has already taken blood tests to check my progesterone levels (low progesterone was the issue last time) and everything looks great so far, which is great.

But this potential diagnosis scares the crap out of me, since it can come with some scary complications during pregnancy (increased risk of miscarriage, preterm labor, preeclampsia) and labor (full blown anaphylaxis).

Any who, that's my current deal, and all that I will be freaking out over for the next 35 weeks. Eek.

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  • Welcome and congrats. Wishing you an uneventful pregnancy!!

    ***TW****MC mentioned & BFP mentioned***

    me 38 DH 39.  
    TTC#1 since July 2014
    AMH 0.1, DOR, Poor responder
    Moved to Prague, Czech Republic for IVF
    2 Natural IVF cycles, 3 full IVF cycles, 4 transfers, 1 BFP - heard heartbeat at 6w5d
    Diagnosed MMC at 9w1d on 11/30/15
    Headed back home to Colorado 12/12/15

    DE attempt in Czech Republic!! 

    March trip to Prague canceled due to Pancreatitis. :sob:
    Headed to Prague April 30
    3 different donors resulted in 1 PGS tested embryo and 1 fresh embryo
    2 embryo's transferred (from 2 different donors) on 5/10/16
    BFP on 5/15/16 at 5dp5dt
    Beta 1 = 81 at 8dp5dt, Beta 2 = 295 at 10dp5dt, Beta 3 = 891 at 12dt5dt. Beta 4 = 2114 at 14dp5dt, Beta 5 = 4916 at 16dp5dt, Beta 6 = 13252 at 19dp5dt
    Heartbeat at 6w5d 133BPM <3
    We are having a GIRL!!! Due Jan 26, 2017

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