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Elimination diet

Any other EBF moms have trouble with LO having allergies ?
I found out DD had an allergy when her diapers became full of mucus. I took her to the pediatrician and she had blood in her stool as well.
i have cut all dairy, soy, nuts, and eggs from my diet for the past week and her reflux and diapers seemed to improve however....
We went to get breakfast 2 days ago and I asked if they use butter and the waitress said no. 
Well I'm dumb because the oil the used to cook the hash browns probably had soy in it and baby was vomiting yesterday, irritable  and had at least 10 awful mucus poop diapers.
its discouraging and I know she's hurting now.

anybody else struggling with allergies and diet ?

Re: Elimination diet

  • I am on a similar diet for my autoimmune disease. I used to try to find things to eat out, but after a few experiences like yours, I resided to only eat food I've prepared and am certain is free of my "no list" foods. It sucked in the beginning, but is easier in the long run because I wasn't having to deal with the issues of eating something bad. If you look up "autoimmune paleo" recipes, you'll find tons that match your dietary restrictions- even some convenience foods. Keep your house stocked with quick snacks like apples, dried fruit, veggie sticks, etc so you don't have to search out something to eat when you're hungry. I have found it much less frustrating/discouraging when I had things available instead of feeking like I wasn't allowed to eat anything.
    I've been on the diet since December and it's much easier now. I don't even really miss the foods I have eliminated. Good luck!
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