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What to expect and when

i guess I'm joining this club today. My hcg dropped from 957 to 140 from Tuesday to Thursday and my u/s at 7+3 showed pretty much nothing. My question is, when will the miscarriage happen? I've had moderate bright red bleeding all week (5 days/period like) and some mild cramping here and there, but that's all tapering off. I've passed a few small clots but am wondering when to expect the heavy cramping/bleeding/large clots? Is it possible that I miscarried pretty early on and don't have much to pass? Could this be it? My ob has been less than helpful and now they're closed for the holiday. I'm afraid to go anywhere or do anything because I want to be home if it gets bad. Thanks ladies.

Re: What to expect and when

  • runfastrunfast member
    I am not sure but wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss. I had a few hours of bleeding but it was not as much as the doctor warned me it would be. When I went for a follow up ultrasound I had passed everything. 
  • I'm sorry, I wish I had more answers but unfortunately everyone's experience is so incredibly different. I just want to say I'm sorry you're going through this <3
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  • GlitterGlitter member
    Im so very sorry for your loss. It is possible that you have miscarried by now already. If i didnt have clotting issues my first mc wouldnt have been so painful. It can happen early on and just take awhile for your hcg and body to recognize it. Im sorry your ob isnt helpful. The best thing to do though would be to get a u/s to make sure everything has passed.
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