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PSA foreskin adhesions

Just want to warn other ftm like myself about what my son just went through. Make sure you are still pulling back your babies foreskin all the way and cleaning it regularly, if your little boy is circumcised. Apparently the foreskin can re-adhear to the head of the penis if you do not pull it back regularly. I knew this could be an issue right after circumcision, but not at 6 months. Our pediatrician has checked my son at each well visit, but at 6 months he noticed that he had forskin adhesions all the way around his penis and the head was essentially two thirds covered. It has to be corrected or can cause problems later and by corrected, it basically has to be ripped back. Our pedi said to try to pull the skin back a little more each day after his bath. At first it would not budge, but on the third day I gave DS a 15 minute bath and let him really soak to soften the adhesions. It worked, thank goodness! From what I have read, if it is not corrected by about 1year, it can require surgery. DS only cried a little right when it separated and I have been told to put vasaline on it at every diaper change until it is healed again. It ended up being an easy fix, but definitely something I wish I had know about before, so I could have spared DS the pain. Adhesions are something to be aware of until they are out of diapers.

Re: PSA foreskin adhesions

  • I'd been told not to pull back the foreskin, but my boy isn't circumcised. is this just an issue for circumcised boys?
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  • yes. If you are only supposed to pull it back if he is circumcised.
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  • I pull back and use a little aquaphor on it so it doesn't adhere. My LO had quite a bit of foreskin left over that he has to grow in to. 
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