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Teething at ten weeks?

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So my little one has been displaying all the teething symptoms in the last week but it's much to early for that, isn't it? She is drooling like crazy, chewing on everything, being really fussy, waking up crying (she's normally a quiet baby that sleeps through the night), and sticking her fist in her mouth. How can I tell if this is teething or just baby being baby? If it is teething, what are some tricks to help? I tried giving her a cold cloth and she wasn't interested and all the other tips I can find are for much older babies. I'm not interested in medicating her unless as an absolute last resort. Edit: I also forgot to add that she's EBF and has had a decreased appitite and is biting down hard frequently, also something she has never done before. 

Re: Teething at ten weeks?

  • DD started drooling and chewing on her hands right around 10 weeks. They could be but I think it's the next stage and they are discovering their hands and such. I haven't done anything yet since I don't think she is in pain or anything, just being a baby. I'm starting to introduce teethers but she doesn't care for them yet so I don't think it's teething for DD yet, she will be 14 weeks tomorrow.
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  • I here chewing on hands this early is the baby discovering their hand. And blowing saliva bubbles is a developmental milestone. My little guys has been doing it for weeks. He is now eleven weeks old. 
    Teeth do grow in in stages too... So it could be all the above!
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  • I've read in other places online that the symptoms such as drooling, biting down, hands in mouth, etc can start a long time before any teeth start to push through.

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  • My LO started doing this around 7 weeks so we brought it up at her 2 month - doc said it was more of a sign that she would be ready for "solids" early than of teething.  Not 100% sure on that one...I still think we'll be seeing pearly whites early but agree with @nerdymama15 that I've read these signs can start way before actual teeth coming through.
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    Our LO got her first tooth at 12 weeks. She was less interested in milk (EBF) and chewing, grumbly etc. 
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