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Airplane Alone with Baby

Hi everyone! Anyone have tips for traveling alone on an airplane with a baby? My husband and I are flying down to SC for a wedding, but my husband has to go earlier since he's in the wedding party and has to be at the rehearsal dinner. I couldn't get the time off. He's going to bring the suitcase with everything I need and the carseat when he flies the day before so all I'll have is the stroller, the baby's duffel bag, and the diaper bag. I'm planning on checking the stroller right by the gate so I shouldn't even need to check any bags. It'll be a 9pm flight and only 2 hours, so I'm hoping the baby stays asleep for most of it. Any tips or stories to share? Wish us luck!

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  • I think the baby will be fine. I'm leaving out of the country in a month with my LO. It's about 23 hrs of total travel...
  • If LO takes a pacifier, make sure to have a couple in your purse for pressure change. Bring a favorite toy or blankie too. Good luck! 
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  • Use a carrier when boarding and unloading the plane. It made travel by myself so simple. I also nursed at takeoff and landing and that managed her ears with the pressure. Bring an extra onesie on top of everything you normally bring and airplane changing spaces are tight so think ahead when going to the bathroom (ie-leave the diaper bag at your seat) finally just make sure the airplane company doesn't require a birth certificate (and if so pack a copy)! We have been on 4 flights one by ourselves and they all went smooth! Stay calm and you got it mama!
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    I did a flight alone with bubba back in February and it was fine. To be honest, he was happier than usual to see all the people, and the white noise on the airplane put him to sleep  :) I took the stroller right up to the gate, and thankfully people around me were super helpful. One suggestion I have is bring a bottle of water for yourself. I always get thirsty on airplanes, and it is not very practical to drink from the little cups they serve you during the flight. Also, bring a pillow or some kind of support for yourself, its not comfortable to hold the baby in your arms the entire time, so having a small pillow to support my arm helped a lot. Good luck, you'll be fine!!
  • I did a short flight with my first alone. It was fine! I kept her on the boob during takeoff and she slept most of the flight. 
  • I have flown with my little guy 4 times round trip! It's 3 hours each way. I always gate check the stroller and car seat and he has actually just slept on me for each of the flights! People are extremely helpful with helping bring my carry on to my seat or folding the stroller down at the gate check. Of the 8 flights, 5 were just me and my little guy! Definitely pack an extra outfit for your little one and a tshirt for yourself! I've never had to change but I always bring extra clothes just in case! Make sure to change your baby's diaper before boarding since the airplane bathrooms are so small! It really isn't too bad! I am not a fan of flying and I personally find it goes by faster with a baby! Good luck!
  • I flew with LO when he was 10 weeks, and will be taking another trip next week (28 weeks). One thing I would definitely recommend is to never fly Spirit! They were awful. Not only do you have to pay out the wazoo for every single bag (except diaper bags- I think that might be a general rule that they are free?), but you can't check in early if you have a lap infant. I was travelling with my husband, who was allowed to check in online. I had to bring my son and his birth certificate to the counter on the day of travel, which is fine- I think all airlines do this. However, they then issued my boarding pass and sat me and baby super far from my husband. Awesome. When I asked if I could switch, I was told it was a full flight and there was nothing they could do. Luckily, the person next to me missed their flight, so we were able to sit together- but up until then, I was freaking out! 
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  • I've done 3 trips alone with the baby including a 10 hour transatlantic flight.  I agree with above, especially the changes of clothes and using a carrier to board the plane.  I always have one diaper and some wipes in a small purse so that way if we need to change mid flight I don't have to juggle a diaper bag and the baby in a small bathroom.  I also attach pacifier clips to a couple of his favorite toys so he can shake and throw but they don't end up all over the plane
  • @rerawalt - love the clipping toys to a pacifier clip idea! (although it's a red-eye so we'll see how much he'll feel like playing)
  • I flew with baby when she was 2 months and then 5 months old, both flights were 9 hours long! She slept only woke up to will be just fine, try to keep her on the breast during take off and landing or pacifiers.  The vibration sound from the plane Anesthesia actually help many babies sleep during the flight. Enjoy the wedding
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