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Throwing herself around during bottles

My LO is one month old and formula fed. She is eating 4oz at each feeding and I burp her 1-2 times before her final burp at the end of her feeding. Lately she has started thrashing around and being extra wiggly during the last 2 or so ounces of her bottle. She's super strong for her size and age so it's pretty intense. She isn't in any distress and isn't crying, she just won't keep still. When she starts I usually try burping, thinking maybe she was uncomfortable due to gas but it doesn't help. 

It's starting to become really frustrating, especially during night feeds. She doesn't stop eating, just keeps sucking in between throwing herself all around. I've recorded her doing this to show her ped but we don't go back for a month. I know this is probably normal and she could just be bored but I want to make sure she is fine and not feeling discomfort from something I haven't even thought about.

(go easy on me, I'm a ftm! Lol)

Re: Throwing herself around during bottles

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    kdrn913kdrn913 member
    Is she showing any other signs of reflux? I know they say babies that have reflux will be really uncomfortable and arching during feeds because it hurts! Honestly I would give your pediatrician a call. A month is way too long to wait if it's really bothering you/her.
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    My baby does this sometimes and it's almost always because she has a burp stuck. I have to work really hard at getting her to burp when it happens. Usually when she does, she spits up a lot of milk with it and then she's fine.
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    You don't have to wait for a scheduled well visit to see your pediatrician. This is what they are there for, so give them a call!
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    4N6s4N6s member
    Mine does this if she has to burp or fart. Try just setting her upright when she does this. 
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