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Chemical Pregnancy?

Hello, all- 

I got a BFP last Saturday. In hindsight, it was pretty early for me to test, but it was a clear positive. I called my OB/GYN office on Monday and confirmed with a urine test with them that day. They even had me meet with the OB nurse. Well last night, I woke up with cramping and heavy bleeding. I'd only be at 5w3d. All signs point to chemical pregnancy. This is my first (both for pregnancy and loss) but I'm taking it in stride. 

Here's my question: my OB/GYN office doesn't have weekend hours and we are planning to leave town today for a long due vacation. This vacation is my saving grace mentally and I don't want to put it off, plus the flights were expensive and nonrefundable. Is there any follow-up needed for a CP? And here's the other side of my question: my vacation is to London, where health care is good and probably cheaper. Could I do a follow-up there?

Thanks for any suggestions! 

Re: Chemical Pregnancy?

  • I'm going through somewhat of the same thing, although it sounds like your loss is happening naturally.  The issue I ran into is that I would have been 8 weeks yesterday, and my hcg level is not going down as it should, however it's terribly low at 68.  The most important thing to monitor is that your hcg level is decreasing.  In my case, it increased, therefore I needed to be treated for an ectopic pregnancy.  I have been having to go for bloodwork every couple days to monitor the hcg level.  
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    I'm sorry for your loss.

    So when you have a natural miscarriage the doctor usually says the only reason you need to go to the ER is if you are bleeding through more that 1 pad an hour. As long as the bleeding is reasonable and your pain is just cramping (though potentially more intense than usual), you should be fine. You are right- health care in London will be ok, my only concern would be potentially hemorrhaging on an overseas flight, but if the bleeding seems under control in your opinion, I think you should be fine. Pack a lot of Advil for the pain in case cramping gets intense.

    I would call your OBs office today and have them paged (someone should be on call) so they know about your situation. Usually, they will have you follow up in 2 weeks or so to make sure you passed all the tissue.

    Good luck and have fun on your trip! 
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  • For mine, they checked to ensure that it was etopic and then we did weekly blood tests to ensure my numbers dropped and went back down to 0.  
  • On my chemical pregnancy they had me come in after the bleeding stopped for a blood hcg test (I already confrimed with an at home pregnancy test that the result was now negative).  Once it was confirmed that it returned to 0, there was no further follow up.  I've also read that some doctors don't require you to come in unless the bleeding is super heavy, the pain unbearable, bleeding that does not subside, and no loss of pregnancy symptoms.  Like the gals above stated, if your bleeding is okay than you are probably fine for your vacation.  Good luck!
  • I am sorry for your loss. As long as the bleeding isn't to severe and your pain is not intolerable you should be fine. Your doctor may want to check your HCG levels to insure they are going down.
  • I am so sorry for your situation.  I have gone through it two times.  For me, there was nothing the doctor could do other than prescribe some pain meds which I did not want.  For me it passed in a couple days and there was no need for any follow up visit.  Some people have a procedure done which sucks everything out however I did not want to do that.  I figure my body was made to take care of things on its own and it did that.  Good luck to you in this tough time.
  • I am so sorry for your loss.  I had my Natural MC in aug at around the same time.  I started bleeding and the doc did blood betas as well.  I can understand your vacation being your saving grace.  My MC began  mon and I was leaving fri for a long awaited vaca as well. I would follow your bleeding to see how it is?  Is it getting more heavy and some clots?  That could be a good sign that you are passing everything naturally.  Seek medical attention if your bleeding becomes too heavy or your become dizzy.  Also if your bleeding lasts more than 2 weeks as well.  If all goes well while you are away I would make an apt for when you get back just to have your betas checked to make sure they have gone back to 0. One silver lining is that if you pass everything naturally and betas are back to 0 you don't have to wait to try again.  Again I'm so sorry for what you're going through as we all know first hand the pain.  My vacation def helped though as I'm sure yours may as well.  I hope you guys have a great time and are able to take your mind off things.
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