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Miscarrying or my dates are wrong

So according to my lmp I should be 7 weeks and a few days. On Monday I started spotting. On Tuesday I seen my doctor and she sent me for blood work.  Wednesday I had an ultrasound and the baby only measured 4 weeks and a few days. So the u/'s tech booked me in for 2 weeks to see if any progress. Tried to talk to my doctor today but couldn't get through to her. She had also told me she would only call with the news that my levels hadn't doubled. I'm normally pretty regular except a few months ago I had a positive pregnancy test at home but the lab said I wasn't. Anyways. Long story short I'm having a week from hell and stuck in no man's land where I have no idea if I'm having a miscarriage or my dates were wrong. I guess I should note I'm still spotting with a mixture of red blood with clots normally at night and brown throughout the day. A bit of cramping but what I would say is normal for pregnancy. 
I just need to get this off my chest..

Re: Miscarrying or my dates are wrong

  • @Cindy574I'm sorry to hear that. I'm kinda in the same boat. My ultrasound a week ago showed nothing. Then ultrasound Tuesday showed a sack but by Edd I should be able to see more. I've been cramping but no bleeding. Everytime I go to the bathroom I look for blood. I'm in limbo right now because I don't know whether to be prego happy or m/c sad.
  • So sorry ladies, hope your able to get confirmation asap
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  • Hey ladies! I went thru a similar rollercoaster last month. U/S & my dates were 3 weeks off. After multiple sonograms & checking my blood levels. I had miscarried @ 5 weeks. It was completely heartbreaking & I had to have a d&c shortly after. Make sure you communicate with your doc she will be the only tell you what is going on & guide you. Best of luck...
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