Pregnancy after premie

My DS was born 34+5 weeks (due to PROM) and spent about 2 weeks in the NICU. My DH and I would like to expand our family eventually but I'm a bit scared we'll have another premie. My midwife said next time around I'd see a maternal fetal medicine specialist and get progesterone shots, but curious if anyone has successfully had a full term baby after having a premie or if your second was a premie as well.

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  • My 1st was born at 25 weeks. I got the progesterone injections and my 2nd was born at 37 weeks exactly!
  • My OB said that I'd start receiving shots at week 16, and have 1, every week until I believe 37 weeks.  My MIL gave birth to DH premature, but her second was full term.  I plan on waiting 2-3 years before we have another.  We will see what is told to me then, when we decide on baby #2. I also had a 34 weeker! 34 w, 4 days to be exact. Born on 12/16 and we took him home Christmas Day, after 9 days in NICU.  :)
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  • My mom had me 6 weeks early then my sister 2 weeks early. This was before they did the shots and stuff. I had my daughter 6 weeks and a day early and they said I will get the progesterone shots weekly too. 
  • I had my son at 34 weeks 3 days for unknown reasons. I'm currently 24 weeks with my second and have been getting the shots since week 16.  I did not have to go to a special doctor or do anything different otherwise.  Hoping for a full term babe this time around! 
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  • I had a preemie with my first at 34 weeks and a couple weeks in NICU.  I'm currently pregnant, finished my 17P shots at 36w2d and will be 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow so no preemie for me this time!  I've noticed more pressure, backaches, etc in the last week or so, but he's still cooking.  My last day of work is tomorrow and I'm good for him to come any time after that.  I have been going to twice weekly NSTs since 36 weeks, just to keep an eye on him, but that's the only special precaution I have at this point and that's probably as much my age as a previous preeemie pregnancy.  
  • My first was 32w6d. He was in the NICU 11 days. With my second one, the OB started me on progesterone suppositories at 16 weeks. I made it to 35w4d. She was small but was able to come home when I did. I'm on progesterone suppositories with this pregnancy, too. 
  • I'm still pregnant with my 2nd (and 3rd) babies.  I completely understand the fear of going through that again.  We waited a while until I was emotionally ready, then found out we were having twins.  We're even more likely to end up in the NICU again since we're pregnant with multiples.  I come at this from a different perspective now that may (or may not be) helpful - the NICU will be less stressful and scary if we end up there again.  It will still majorly suck, but at least I know what to expect and how to advocate for my babies.  In the end, it's not within my control and I try my hardest to make peace with that. 
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  • My first was born at 34+6 and spend 2.5 weeks in the NICU.  With my second I saw a regular OB, no MFM.  I was on progesterone from 16w to 36w and I delivered him at 36+3.  He didn't need any NICU time at all, just one extra day at the hospital with me for observation. 
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  • This post is making me so hopeful! I had DD2 at 33w4d and am so panicked to go preterm again. Did anyone have issues with their bowels while on progesterone? I have IBD and my doc mentioned that might complicate whether or not I can take anything that will help. I'm still gonna try, it's worth it to get sick if it means no NICU time for babe. Did anyone with these success stories have their preemie due to PPROM?
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