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Does it look like I'm starting to drop? Or am I just getting overly excited? 36 weeks as of yesterday...but baby girl has been measuring a week ahead for a couple of months. Red shirt picture was taken last week, other picture is from this morning. 

Re: Dropping??

  • SMLmomSMLmom member
    Definitely could be.  Hard to say since everyone is different and I've been carrying lower than either pic my entire pregnancy... Good luck!
  • Hard to tell..you could ask your ob, I'm sure your weekly appointments have started.
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  • My first pregnancy, I dropped around 35 weeks. You really couldnt tell from the outside but I experienced a lot of public bone/pelvic pressure and I would litterally run to the bathroom twice a night to pee. I could also breathe easier but the heartburn never let up.

    Will be 38 weeks tomorrow with my second and I swore I looked like I dropped yesterday but my H said my stomach looked no different and I haven't experienced the constant need to pee every 5 seconds yet.

  • I dropped at 37 weeks, MW confirmed it at my latest appt. When I sit I feel like he's in my lap and I pee allllll the time, my appetite is also huge and heartburn is getting much better. So maybe?
  • Picture comparison....yes it appears to the eye you have dropped!  :)
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