Question for moms of late preterm babies

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Hi everyone, I'm a new mama to a 34+6 weeker who narrowly avoided the NICU. She's 3 weeks old (actual) now, growing well and luckily healthy. 

While our ped has cleared us for stroller walks outdoors right out of the gate, she wants us to keep LO away from crowded and indoor public places (like the mall, restaurants...) until at least after her 2 month vaccines. We're totally fine with sacrificing our social outings for the sake of LO's health, of course!

However, I have family overseas and DH and I would love to visit them with the baby. But considering it will entail a 9+ hour flight in a crowded airplane with recycled air, I'm kind of freaking out about doing it in the foreseeable time. DD's lungs are fine according to her doc, but I'm still very paranoid. 

I'm going to check with my pediatrician of course, but I'm curious what other people's experiences have been with traveling with preemies safely. 

Just to have an idea what timeframe to expect: When did you take your late preemies on their first plane ride?
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Re: Question for moms of late preterm babies

  • I would wait until after the first round of vaccinations for sure. Preferably, I'd wait until 6 months when they've gotten a couple rounds of vaccinations but babies are much sturdier than you'd think!
  • Agree with above.  6+ months after a round or two of vaccines.  Also, depends on the time of year.  6 months from now puts you in flu/RSV season.  I would wait until that season is over after lots of growth and a few vaccines.  
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  • I would wait as above posters said. We waited until DS was almost 7 months. Not sure if it was that plus being in daycare but we've had a hell of a first year with RSV, stomach bugs, upper respiratory infections, sinus infection, pink eye and the list goes on. They are quite resilient though and none of that sickness phased him. In the end mom knows best so trust your instinct!
  • My 34+6 preemie took his first plane ride at 7 months and in the spring for all of the reasons already stated above.  Airplanes are giant petri dishes. 
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  • Recycled air in airplanes is not accurate.  It's actually some of the purest air you'll ever breathe.  Airplanes do not get cleaned though.  The germs are on everything.  It's not the air, it's the surfaces.  
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