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Sleeping through the night= missed bottle

Hey ladies,

So my almost 7 month old has slept through the night!! I exclusively pump and my lo eats 6- 5oz bottles (one being over night) plus some solids which I know are just for fun. Since he missed his night time bottle, do I need to make it up somehow or is he ok with only 5 bottles?

Re: Sleeping through the night= missed bottle

  • It just depends on the baby.  Most babies will make up for it during the day and drink more often or bigger bottles during the day.  At 7-8 months, many babies will lose interest in milk as they are starting to eat more and decrease the number of oz they are drinking.  As long as your baby is peeing enough throughout the day, I wouldn't worry too much about the exact number.  I am like you though and constantly keeping track of how much my LO is drinking. Some days she drinks a ton, others she drinks less than normal.
  • I agree with pp's response, just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on a good night of sleep!!
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  • FatPonyFatPony member
    Yay sleep!! My LO starting sleeping through the night around 5.5 months. It lasted 2 weeks bc he went through a growth spurt and wanted more to eat. 

    I I think they just eat what they need. 
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