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Did anyone's throat feel funny after taking their medication orally? My Dr said I could take it either way so I obviously chose to take it orally. I'm on my second pill and each time I've taken it my throat feels weird. I can't describe the feeling it's not tingling though. 

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  • I'm sorry you find yourself here. I have no experience with this - does your OB have an after hours call line? They may be able to help you figure out if this is a reaction or not.
  • I have only used it vaginally.  Sorry I am no help.  I hope all is OK

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  • I'm on my last pill and nothing happened... No cramps and no increase in blood... Hmmmm. 
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    I used it vaginally and it was a success. I wet the pills slightly before insertion. I took them at 10 am. Started bleeding by noon. And I passed the sac around 8 pm. 

    Maybe your dr will let you try another round vaginally. However, be warned it was very very painful. 

    Eta I also used a  tampon to help shove them up as close to my cervix as possible. 
  • Thanks for the advice. My Dr did perscribe me another round at double the dose to insert vaginally. Starting them tonight. 400mg this time. 
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