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Saturday Ticker Change

How far along are you? Size comparison? 

Baby related stuff this week? 

Rants / Raves / Symptoms? 

GTKY #1: What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

GTKY #2: How is nesting going? 

Re: Saturday Ticker Change

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    How far along are you? Size comparison? Celery, ferret, cauliflower, a trio of chocolate croissants....yum!

    Baby related stuff this week? We have an infant CPR class on Tuesday and this weekend we're taking out impromptu babymoon staycation to the coast. We're staying at the Hotel Elliott which happens to be little dude's name so it was a very sweet gift to receive. I also need to write thank you notes for my shower gifts. I am usually so on top of that but carpal tunnel in my right hand makes the task a PITA.

    Rants / Raves / Symptoms? Meh not a lot of raves this week. But I can rant! Back pain, insomnia paired with exhaustion, trouble getting comfy at night, cankles... I can barely fit in any shoes so I am off to Nordstrom today to pick up a pair of the rubber EVA Birkenstock Arizonas. I figure I can live in those for the last seven weeks, right?

    GTKY #1: What's your favorite kind of ice cream? Bubble Gum because I am gross and 12 or something with fudge and nuts like Jamocha Almond Fudge.

    GTKY #2: How is nesting going? Good! This week I put away all the baby shower gifts and did laundry. I don't like how I organized his clothes (not my size, by object) so I have a feeling I will redo all that. Clearly necessary right? Haha.
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    How far along? 30 weeks!! (Yikes!)
    size of a zucchini...(okay...?) 

    Baby related... Not much. Waiting to hear results from my 1 hr glucose. 

    Rants/Ravs: I'm really feeling preggo now. Achy etc. This child loves my rib cage someone else said it feels like being bruised from the inside and that sums it up perfectly!! Bending over is overrated. Shortness of breath 

    GTNY #1: right now it's a frozen yogurt (cause thats "healthy" right?) Cherry chocolate swirl of some sort. I'm always up for mint chocolate chip or something coffee flavoured tho!!

    GTNY #2 nesting...! Oh I wanna nest so bad! We're building a house and are close to moving in so I guess these days my nesting is sanding, cocking, painting baseboards etc. I just want to get in there and settled before baby comes!! I havent done much baby-wise yet cause I didn't want to move it all. So I'm really excited to set up a baby place in our house and stalk up on baby things. 
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    How far along are you? Size comparison? 
    29 weeks - acorn squash/pineapple/cottontail rabbit x 2

    Baby related stuff this week? 
    Seeing my perinatologist Thursday. I only have one more biweekly checkup after this, then I move to weekly. It's getting real!

    Rants / Raves / Symptoms? 
    I'm basically a miserable sack of complaints lately. Nausea/exhaustion/having to pee every four seconds are my chief complaints. Throw in back pain and having four feet stuck in my ribs currently and I'm just a joy to be around. 

    GTKY #1: What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
    My body isn't handling dairy while pregnant so I've been loving Ben & Jerry's almond milk ice cream with peanut butter and Oreos in it. Not pregnant, a local place makes PB&J ice cream with chunks of pound cake in it for "bread". Heavenly. 

    GTKY #2: How is nesting going? 
    Too tired to nest. DH is doing my nesting for me. 
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    How far along are you? Size comparison? 29 weeks. Totally thought I was 30 weeks and tried to convince DH earlier. Poor second baby. I was on top of this last time.

    Baby related stuff this week? Extra u/s this week to follow up with a rash and make sure everything looks normal.

    Rants / Raves / Symptoms? Itchy rash and lower back pain. Did lots of walking in Manhattan pushing DD in a cheap stroller that really seems to drag and take a lot of effort.

    GTKY #1: What's your favorite kind of ice cream? Probably plain chocolate, but I prefer baked desserts. I only eat ice cream if someone puts some right in front of me or takes me to an ice cream parlor.

    GTKY #2: How is nesting going? Not well with a busy toddler. I'm tired and don't have a lot of free time. Hoping to wash the baby stuff soon. Also, parts of this house still desperately need cleaning.
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    32 weeks/I don't care anymore

    rearanging furniture, finalizing wills, dr appt on the 19th

    we went to newborn care and breastfeeding class today.  I got really excited about baby coming into real life.  We also toured the hospital.  I feel giant and uncomfortable.  Peeing a lot.  Nausea has come back some.

    mint choc chip

    ehhh...I like crossing things off my to-do list.  I hope to get te curtains hemmed and clothes washed this upcoming week.  
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    How far along are you? Size comparison:
    31w, foam finger, bunch of asparagus 

    Baby related stuff this week: I was in the hospital for PTL for a week so on Monday I have an appointment with my OB to check on things and come up with a game plan. 

    R/R/S: As long  as I take the medication prescribed to stop contractions I'm feeling ok. They do make me light headed and sleppy. After taking them a few days it should get better. Best rest it boring! My crazy kids are helping keep me entertained. 

    GTKY #1: Rocky road with real marshmallows and mint chocolate chip. 

    GTKY #2: nesting ... Because I normally clean everything daily ( I have to with a family of 5 or it gets to messy and with my anxiety I get overwhelmed)  being on bed rest I can't clean! So I'll have to deligate the chores between my DH & 2 oldest children. I will be making a target registry so my DH can go purchase all the baby stuff we still need. 
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