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Ameda breast pump

So I have the ameda purely yours pump. I'm convinced I'm not getting proper suction. I'm strongly considering investing in a medela. DH is trying to battle me on this, but we have an HSA and their my boobs so he can screw off. Anywho, I'm asking you mama's what kind of pump you have and what you like and don't like about it

Re: Ameda breast pump

  • nackienackie member
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    Have you made sure the flanges fit correctly?  I have the medela pisa and it works great now, but until I got the right fit, I got hardly anything when I pumped.
    The only thing I don't like is that sometimes it sucks milk up into the tubes and I have to stop and clean the tubes and pump.  It's only happened a couple of times so far though.
  • Yes. I'm a D cup so i initially thought thw standard ones were too small. So i bought bigger ones and i got even less suction. I can get 4-6 ounces when i pump. It's just lately i seem to be getting less suction
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  • klbhklbh member
    I have the pump and it seems to be working well, but these things vary a lot from person to person. Have you replaced the valves and diaphragms lately? Also, apparently you're not supposed to scrub the valves with a dish brush or they wear out too fast. 
  • I have replaced all the pieces and parts lately. Because one of my beloved dogs ate them. I don't think she got the machine. I'd probably notice. She's a pit bull so its hard to miss any marke from her teeth. Perhaps its from washing them with a bottle brush. 
  • I have the ameda, the medela and an avent manual pump-- I like the ameda best.  The suction cups that came with it work well for me but I'm in between an A and B cup.
  • KFrobKFrob member
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    I have the Medela instyle advance. When I asked my Dr for the prescription for my breast pump she told me to get that one. It's the one she used for her babe and her words were "it will suck you dry in 15 mins!"  I had already done the research and made my decision but her recommendation definitely cemented the decision.  I have no complaints and feel like it's doing a quality job judging by the amount of oz I'm getting. I did have to get the small size shields too to get the right fit, I'm a DDD now but it's more about nipple diameter than cup size.  I'm a ftm and don't have any comparison to other pumps thought.

    edit for cup size info
  • I have a Spectra S2 and I love it! The suction is strong enough to pump what I need, but gentle on my nipples. I pump at least twice a day while I'm at work and the Spectra empties my breasts sufficiently. I always get enough ounces for the next day's supply and usually have some left over to put in the freezer. 

    The Spectra isn't as popular as the Medela (at least not in the US), but I'm so glad I got it. It's very quiet and has many different ways to customize the suction and the speed of the pump. The only thing I don't like is that the extra parts aren't as easily available as Medela. There is a local store near me where I got the Spectra and they sell the parts, but it's about a 40 minute drive for me. So I just ordered spares from Amazon and have them at home for whenever I need to replace anything. 
  • I use the PISA with few problems. Occasionally one breast will get a clogged duct but I think that is due to the long stretch I can't pump in the morning at school. 
  • I have a medela freestyle used it with my first who's now 7. With my second I got an Ameda  from insurance. .. I hated it. I couldn't get it to work worth a crap. Ended up using the Freestyle. Now my third LO I got a medela pump in style. Works great I use the freestyle still at home and leave the pump in style at work. Medela freestyle still working like a champ after 7 years and 2 years of pumping, looks like it will prob last another year!
  • I use the medela in style and like it well enough.  I just need smaller shields and I'll be golden. I still get enough for the next day  but I'm not getting emptied.  For the medela the shield size is determined by nipple size. I'm not familiar with any other brand though. 
  • I was gifted a medela at my shower so I chose an ameda for my insurance paid pump. At first I thought I loved it, but once I started using the medela I haven't gone back. I find it gets way more milk out each time. I would call it worth the investment!!
  • I bought the medela pump in style advanced with the tote. What a difference! I didnt realize how much of a piece of crap the ameda was
  • I got an Ameda pump through my insurance and hated it. I also had a bunch of issues with suction. I called Ameda and after ruling out that the issues weren't being caused by the diaphragms and valves they sent me a new pump. Eventually that pump began having issue to so I have in and bought a Medela pump in style. Definetly worth the money. I would recommend the Medela over the Ameda. 
  • This is my second baby, both exclusively fed breastmilk, and this one almost exclusively pumping. I have used the Medela, Avent, and Ameda pumps - and I don't get as much milk on the Ameda. I would never use it for all my pumping. I totally agree with your decision to get a different one. Glad it's working out! 
  • emzie54emzie54 member
    I got the Medela PISA through insurance and like it a lot.  In the early days when I was pumping 8+ times a day due to a tongue tie, the LC recommended I rent a hospital grade pump.  So I am still renting the Medela Symphony, which is even more powerful.  I have no complaints about either of my Medela pumps.  I have heard GREAT things about the Spectra S2, and I believe it is significantly cheaper than the Medela ones.
  • I have the medela pisa. I think it works great but I have found the little white membranes can be a bit sensitive if they're not lying right or get older. I have mostly EP due to DS being a lazy eater and the pump has stood up well to some heavy use.
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