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2.5 months post M/C - no AF - still having a hard time emotionally

rkrouparkroupa member
Hi Everyone. I haven't posted in awhile. I was hoping things would get better, but I'm still a mess. Did anyone suffer from Depression after their M/C? I haven't gotten AF yet and it has been 2.5 months. I went to the doctor today and she tried to put me on Progesterone and I had to remind her that she did that a month ago. UGH. I also indicated that I had anxiety and depression on my questionnaire and filled out another questionnaire specifically about my depression and she didn't mention any of it. She did take blood and I should have those results tomorrow. I am going in for a saline Ultrasound on Friday to hopefully get some answers. Has anyone else waited this long to get their first A/F? I am a mess. I am crying multiple times a week, I am just so frustrated and over this process. I'm also worried that my uterus was scarred or something during my D&C. I know that what I read online are the worst case scenarios, but I can't help thinking about it. 

Is there anyone else who waited this long and got their A/F and everything was fine? TIA!!

P.S. - if one more person says that their period is painful enough for the both of us, I am going to punch them in the face. WHY do people say that?!! 
Me: 31  DH: 31
Married: 11.2.14
TTC: October 2015
BFP: 1.24.16
Confirmed MC: 2.25.16 at 8 weeks. Blighted Ovum.
Baby Due: 4.24.17
Confirmed M/C 10.27.16 at 14 weeks; D&C 10/28/16

Re: 2.5 months post M/C - no AF - still having a hard time emotionally

  • I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I'm only a week and a half out from my MC, so I don't have any advice to offer about AF. But have you thought about looking for a different doctor? I feel like you're not getting the care you deserve, especially since you're not getting any help with your depression. I'm sorry I don't have anything better to offer you. I hope you get the care you need. Hugs.
  • @rkroupa I am so sorry for what you are going through. The prolonged physical aspect makes it even harder to try to cope with things emotionally. I had a d&c on 2/1 and got my period mid-April, around the 16th. So it took some time for me. I don't know if I have scarring or anything...I won't feel good until I'm holding my rainbow, but my doctor hasn't said anything. Also I was so scared my first period would be horrible and debilitating based on what I'd heard, and it was really not any heavier or more painful than normal, just lasted a few extra days. 

    I I think increased depression and anxiety are totally normal in the aftermath of a loss, and I would encourage you to seek out a therapist. It sounds like you mentioned it to your doctor and she didn't pick up on it, which is fortunate because it is hard to reach out for help and have it be unsuccessful. But it sounds like you are doing a really good job. I found someone who specializes in infertility and loss on the psychology today website, I was actually able to email a few different people for info, it wasn't much work at all. sending you good thoughts. 
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    dx: MFI (morphology)
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    IUI #2 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Halloween 2015 ~ BFN
    IUI #3 w/Clomid + Ovidrel Thanksgiving 2015 ~ BFP!!
    hb 146 bpm at 7w5d
    1/28/16 ~ began to say goodbye to our beautiful baby at 11w 
    d&c, followed by cytotec
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    IUI #5 w/Clomid + Ovidrel ~ CP
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  • GlitterGlitter member
    Im sorry your having to deal with all this extra stuff. I have definitely struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety after my d&c's. A lot is wondering if im ok down there, if I'll have children etc. I really hope your Dr.starts listening to you. You deserve to be heard. I dont have much to offer about AF, sorry. Ive gotten mine about a month after but I still feel crampy after my last d&c two weeks ago so who knows, this could be that time.

    Will you post about the u/s? Id like to know how it goes because i have also worried about scarring. Hugs your way!
  • @rkroupa Ugh it sucks that you are still waiting for AF!! Let us know what the ultrasound results are, hopefully you will get some answers. Maybe need a second opinion, I'm not sure what the next step is to make AF come if progesterone doesn't work. If you really do want to talk to someone, I'm sure there are a lot of therapists around in your community if you do a search- some that maybe specialize in infertility or loss. Don't feel bad about wanting some help with coping- we are only human and your mental health is very important. *Internet hugs* to you! 
  • I'm a little over 7 weeks after my last D&C and still no AF here as well. My temps seem to indicate I may have ovulated, so I'm waiting until 14dpo and then will get Provera if she doesn't show. I understand how frustrating the wait is. 

    Im sorry you are going through this difficulty with your provider. Depression is not a joke and the fact that they are not paying attention to your concerns is frightening. As someone who works as a health care provider, I know that all physicians/NPs/PAs/NMW, heck nurses for that matter should be evaluating for depressive symptoms. Im even more angry that you're bringing it up on a form designed specifically to address those concerns and still not getting the assistance you need. Can you get an appointment with your family doc to address this or get a new OB? I'm so sorry you aren't getting the attention and care you deserve. We are here for you. Sending big creepy internet hugs to you!
  • rkrouparkroupa member
    Thank you all so much for your kind words and responses @blacknightsky @BrightenMySky @glitter @Spartanrd4 @Wishilivedinflorida!

    I did have some intense cramping twice since I had my D&C and that is what concerns me. I felt for sure that both times I was getting my period and nothing happened.I feel like they were exactly like period cramps but much more intense. I'm worried there is scarring/blockage or something. I know only the horror stores are online, so I am trying not to get too worked up. But, both times were around the time I would get my period (4 weeks and 8 weeks). 

    I'm definitely going to think about changing doctors. It just sucks cause I have been going to my doctor for YEARS and she has all of my medical history and I thought we had a good relationship. There is another doctor in her practice that my best friend goes to and she is super caring and nice and my best friend loves her, so I might switch to her. 

    I have my ultrasound this afternoon, so I will keep you ladies updated. Thank you again, I would be lost without this board and being able to vent/talk about that is happening on here. <3<3<3
    Me: 31  DH: 31
    Married: 11.2.14
    TTC: October 2015
    BFP: 1.24.16
    Confirmed MC: 2.25.16 at 8 weeks. Blighted Ovum.
    Baby Due: 4.24.17
    Confirmed M/C 10.27.16 at 14 weeks; D&C 10/28/16

  • FWIW, I've had some cramps here and there that were pretty strong, but it always turned out to be gas-related. I've also felt twinges over both ovaries that are rather brief. I have not felt anything that is typical O pain for me (my O pain lasts a full 24 hours and is quite painful to the point that the force of walking makes it worse---turns out this is just normal for me, no cysts or abnormal findings when I had this worked up before). Early after my loss, I definitely had some ute cramps that I assumed were just the de-stretching of everything down there back into place. FX for a normal US!
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