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Hello! I'm here not as a parent (someday!) but as a professional who works with parents and children. I hope it's okay to intrude on your group!

I work with the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and coordinate outreach and programming for PJ Library and PJ Our Way. As new moms (if you are Jewish), I'd like to invite you to sign up your babies for PJ Library, which is a program that sends you a free Jewish-themed book once a month that is age appropriate for your baby (6 months to 8 years, and then 9- to 11-year-olds sign up for a similar program called PJ Our Way). The books range from religious/holiday content to secular books that happen to deal with Jewish ethics or morals and everything in between. There's no obligation to do anything at all; you just get to receive the books and use them in your household however you please.

That being said, I'm also interested in connecting with Jewish parents who want to be connected with other Jewish parents - so if you're interested in participating in events, book clubs, or programs, please do be in touch! You can reply here if you have any questions or email me at [email protected]
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