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Sh!t my SO said


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  • I had those giant things in the picture in the hospital! Then they sent me home with like, double length 7th grade pads. 
  • im trying depends this time! Those bulky pads are so uncomfortable.
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  • Cleaning out my bathroom cupboards I found the leftover pads they sent home with me last time:

    But, in the hospital at one point they used a baby diaper with one of these on top,hence the mesh undies that stretch and can contain all that.
  • @SparkySunshine Those are the ones I received at the hospital as well
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  • Not DH but BIL. My A/C in my car isn't that cold. Dh's car is freezing. So I take it to BIL's shop (he is a mechanic). He looks at me, the car and says 'I know what it is'.
    Me: oh good, it is $$$$ to fix.
    Him: yep.18 years to fix it.
    Me: did you just go there?
    Him: yep, Pugs,  you are very pregnant and hormonal.  It's not the car. It's you.
     Dh, and the other guys laughed out loud.
  • @BecauseBabyIamAPug husband gets couch duty until baby comes after bs like that and bil deserves a swift kick to the balls! 
  • I will preface this with we have had a very busy week this week. It's been one thing after another after work every night, and we had a busy weekend last weekend....

    H: (This morning) Omg, I am SO. TIRED. I just feel like I can't catch up!
    Me: I feel ya. This has been a busy week. I've been exhausted every night!
    H: You have no idea!
    Me: Oh I'm pretty sure I do!! I also silently thought to myself, REALLY?!?! You think I have NO IDEA what tired is like?! It was too early to complain back much more. I can't wait to see how well he does when he has to go back to work with a 2-week old newborn in the house, haha!! You don't even know what tired is, guy! 
  • I told him to look at my stomach because the baby was moving around & pushing out, making my tummy oblong.
    DH: "Oh my gosh!! You look like a lumpy pear!"  :| Oh thanks.
  • LNessLNess member
    My DH sendt me this as his plane left the tarmack. It says: Skinny people are the easiest to kidnap. Be safe, eat cake! I think its funny, but now I cant stop thinking about cake. It makes me hangry. 

  • "Peddle faster Fred!", from the Flintstones.This is his favorite things to say to me when I'm "trying" to get across the parking lot. you can only imagine the looks we get... :D
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