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Sh!t my SO said

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what whacky things has your S/O said recently? (these will get better as we have our babies but I'm sure there are some gems already)

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Re: Sh!t my SO said

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  • Oh my God @theshannondee I had just put a baby carrot in my mouth when I read that and I almost choked! Pretty sure I might have just peed a little bit too!
    July BMB Siggy Challenge: Weird Hot Dog Situations
  • kellz14 said:
    "I just took a really big poop this morning. I bet that's like giving birth."

    Well, it kind of is. 
  • WevilleWeville member
    @Backbypopulardemand I don't know how you didn't 
  • @Backbypopulardemand Yeah that would have warranted a swift punch in the face.
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  • My DH told me I should probably just schedule a csection because I won't be able to handle labor
  • I had a more-than-usual bout of BH contractions last night that lasted all evening and through the night. When I mentioned that I was slightly concerned, he says, "You're fine."

    Thanks, Doc. 
  • kellz14kellz14 member
    @Kellyj103 haha yeah I'm pretty sure mine has said that before too. uhhh nope!
  • kellz14kellz14 member
    @breanneestafford1 ugh.. not cool. you can do it!!!
  • @YeezusButters Bless him. :)
    Mine is similar this time around. How he forgot what pregnancy is like when DD1 literally turned 15 months old today I have no clue. 
  • My DH told me I should probably just schedule a csection because I won't be able to handle labor
    @breanneestafford1 you can do it! Don't let him get into your head, but tell him he needs to get on board and be supportive of you
  • "I think you should feeding and changing because your better at that and ill do education and physical well being because those are my strengths"

    I could have killed him
    How convenient (for him) that you get the messy jobs
  • @Julymama2x That stinks but I actually laughed out loud at the chop job he did on your flower bed.
  • @PootsDragon well. . .I kinda thought the same about the guys at work though too. Before this pregnancy I felt like "just one of the guys" since there's not a lot of women in my office. Now they definitely seem to not pay as much attention to me. But I would never have said something like that aloud, haha!
  • @PootsDragon While I agree it is extremely offensive, you can't fix ignorant. You can educate the masses but there will always be someone trying to explain otherwise. I definitely give them too much credit but then their explanation sets their demise all on their own.  
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