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Late Pregnancy New Job Advice

Hi Ladies, I was hoping to find some advice about a new job that I was interviewed for. Now I'm 30 weeks along right now and when I was interviewed (three weeks ago) I was still sporting a viable bump, but with the dress I wore and the way I carry myself it could have been seen as a bloat. The talk of pregnancy never came up in the interview and I decided not to mention it unless I got the job offer. Well I got the call today that they want me for the job, but of course it's three weeks later and I'm 10 weeks away from delivery (if all goes well). Not to mention that their orientation doesn't start for another two weeks. Being this late in the pregnancy I feel really good, I would have no trouble with job and am very qualified for it and this would be a career position that I'd come back to. I'm looking for thoughts on when to come out with the words "oh btw I'm going to be giving birth in July". Do I wait until the ink is dry on the paperwork? Do I mention it now over the phone? I know it's all a matter of personal preference but I'm having a hard time weighing out the options. Thoughts?

Re: Late Pregnancy New Job Advice

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    You should definitely tell them now.
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    lizhurtlizhurt member
    You absolutely need to disclose this right away, before any ink touches paper. As someone who works in staffing, it is considered extremely unprofessional not to disclose time off needed (especially extended time such as *duh* maternity leave) before you are offered. You should have been forthcoming in the interview, but since that is out the window already, you need to tell them immediately so they can consider whether or not to rescind the offer.
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    If they are an EOE they can not NOT hire you because you are pregnant.  So, if you tell them you are and they revoke the offer - technically thats a big no-no for them and can get them in trouble.  You kind of put them in a tough situation.  I agree with PP that you have to tell them ASAP.  I'm interviewing for a job on the 20th and I am telling them if they do not bring it up (which legally they can't).  Better to be honest.
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    I agree with PPs, at this point in the game it is extremely unprofessional not to disclose. They're hiring someone because they're in need for someone to be there now but you're going to leave at some point once again leaving them and they're going to have to find someone else. I found out I was pregnant the day after I signed my contract, I let them know right after first tri and gave them plenty of time to figure out what they were going to do while I was gone. 
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    Personally id be pissed if I hired someone to find out they hid the fact they will immediately go on maternity leave. I think it's something in good conscience at this point you should disclose 
    ^this. Try to put yourself in the hiring managers position. If you needed someone for a job and were counting on them, it'd be a set back to have them go on leave immediately after starting. Even though it's illegal for them to rescend the offer, it might start things off on the wrong foot with your boss. 

    Also check to see about benefits. My company has a 60 day waiting period for insurance eligibility and longer for FMLA. 
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    I would definitely tell them right away - you don't want to start your employment off like that. I think it would taint your qualifications and character if you were to hide it until after the papers were signed. 
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    I was in a somewhat similar position recently where I was verbally offered a job while 6 months or so pregnant. I did not disclose during my interview bc yes, pregnancy discrimination is real and because I knew I wouldn't be starting the job anyway until September and wouldn't need maternity leave. I did however let them know once I received the verbal offer, before anything was signed and I suggest you do the same. Mainly bc you don't want to start off on the wrong foot at a new job and it would give them time to decide how to deal with your absence. 
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    Glad you were able to get the advice you needed just also wanted to encourage you to participate in the other threads this community likes the mantra of giving and getting support :) I'm sure you lots to offer so please know you are welcome to participate and encouraged to do so 
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    I also think it is fine that you didn't tell them in the initial interview. I've been on various hiring committees and if there are multiple qualified candidates people end up kind of casting around for a reason to pick one person and disqualify another so that definitely could have been used against you. Once they've decided that they feel you are the best candidate they are much more likely feel like it's worth accommodating you, if that makes sense. If you had accepted the job and shown up 32 weeks pregnant without telling them or discussing how you can make it work then that would be a whole different story. 
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    ninji15ninji15 member
    I just started a new job, I disclosed the information after the offer. It's a very physical job and I cannot do it all right now, they understood. I think it makes you look more trust worthy if anything. You don't want to work for a company that will not hire you for something like pregnancy anyway, really.
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    roselovebud lurking from Sept '16

    You did the right thing to wait to disclose until you got the offer. I am in the same situation, and consulted multiple friends from HR and an employment attorney, and all told me to wait to disclose till I had an offer. If you disclose early (not because you look pregnant but by saying "hey I am pregnant"), it puts the employer in a bad position where they have information that shouldn't be used in the hiring decision, but now it's hard to ignore.

    I hope you are able to negotiate benefits and time off - good luck and congrats on your offer!!

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    lizhurtlizhurt member
    While it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of pregnancy, it is not illegal to decline to offer someone based on excessive time off needed. That is one of our first questions in the pre-screening process of staffing, to find out if the candidate is going to need time off. We won't hire anyone who needs even a week off, so maternity leave would be out of the question. We also do mostly contract staffing, so it may be different for people hiring for permanent positions, but I still feel it is unethical/dishonest not disclose in the interview process (or before) that you will be expecting to take maternity leave within a month or two of being hired. Being evasive about disclosure and then crying discrimination just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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