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I had a miscarriage about 2 weeks ago, my d&c the 27th, and found out from pathology last Thursday my lil baby had triploidy of paternal origin, it was a partial molar. 

I had been searching since the day of my d&c for a memorial keepsake of some sort. I found many plaques, stones, bracelets, and some really neat memorial boxes and clay baby sculpures with wings. They were all amazing, beautiful, and touching. I finally decided on a locket. The floating locket kind that you can add or change charms. I found a wonderful woman on etsy who made them and does custom orders. 

I was able to send her my ultrasound picture and have a tiny charm made of it. I chose the other charms and she put it together. I then found extra charms, she sent those, and I finally completed my locket yesterday. It was perfect. 

I chose my lil baby u/s charm, a mother child heart charm, a pair of wings charm, an x's and o's charm, and birthstone gems. I chose April and December heart stones for the baby since he passed in April but was due in December. I then chose a single round gem in January and August birthstone for my SO and myself.

This little locket is so special to me. I love it and Im so glad I decided to have a little keepsake to carry with me.

If anyone wants one or to just browse for their own keepsake, you can look on Etsy. If you want one similar to mine, pm me and Ill tell you her shop. 

I hope everyone had a good Mothers Day. I made it through somehow, I just kept reminding myself that im forever a mother. I hope all of us have a great week. Thanks to everyone for the comfort and support. Your all amazing....

Re: My Keepsake

  • Very beautiful, @Glitter. I love the small u/s picture.

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  • GlitterGlitter member
    Thank you. Omg my heart melted when i saw my lil baby on the tiny charm. Its adorable and one of the reasons i chose the locket lol
  • That's beautiful @Glitter.  
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  • GlitterGlitter member
    Thank you. Its my new fave thing lol. I want lockets for everything now haha. Im glad i found something cute and unique to remember my lil baby 
  • i so so so so love this 
  • this is so adorable @Glitter thank you for sharing this!
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