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Monday Meal Plan!

If you're at least feeding yourself, consider that an accomplishment! 

What's cooking this week ladies? 
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Re: Monday Meal Plan!

  • DH is out of town on business so I'll probably just be eating burritos and sandwiches this week. 

    M: Burrito
    T: Sandwich
    W: Burrito 
    Th: Sandwich 
    F: parent's 40th wedding anniversary party - snacks 
    S: Take out
    Su: probably hamburgers 
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  • My meal planning has been not so great these past couple of weeks, so here's to getting myself back on track.

    M: Marinated chicken breasts with asparagus and salad
    T: Pulled pork sandwiches with green beans (making a large amount of pulled pork in the crockpot, which will make for lots of leftovers throughout the week)
    W: Rice and beans, with some sauteed peppers and onions to spice things up
    R: Leftover pulled pork
    F: Farfalle pasta with sausage and peas, with a side of brussel sprouts
    Sa: Leftover pulled pork
    Su: Frozen pizza with salad
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  • alitriaalitria member
    M- spaghetti and meatballs at the request of my son
    T- grilled chicken and pineapple tacos
    W- Red beans and rice I didn't make last week
    Th- Cheesy ground beef casserole
    F- Mexi pizza
    S- @ my parents
    S- not sure

    I'm at a place where I'm starving, then I eat a few bites and feel like puking because my stomach is so squished that it's making it hard to cook or plan meals or want to do much beyond drink a protein shake with some fruit and call it good until this baby is out.  However, my husband and son aren't having this problem so they still want to eat actual meals.  I'm mostly just making all the lazy "comfort food" stuff that my husband likes and I don't usually make since I'd gain approximately 9 million pounds if I ate it all the time. 
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