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Diapers: Honest Company worth the hype?

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Hello all! 
I'm filling out my registry and picking out diapers. I'm looking for STMs to chime in about their diaper brand experiences. I like that the Honest Company ones are made with better materials, and with the combination of my and my husband's sensitive skin, I'm looking for a brand for sensitive skin, but I'm wondering if it's worth the extra $$ to jump to Honest. It's hard to compare apples to apples, but here's the numbers, has huggies size 1 economy pack subscription price is $43 for 216 diapers, about 19 cents per diaper. Honest Company subscription size 1 is $79 for 264 (about 29 cents per diaper) BUT includes 4 packs of wipes with every shipment. 


Re: Diapers: Honest Company worth the hype?

  • I love Honest diapers and have been pleased with them.  My DS definitely had sensitive skin, we used Seventh Generation for the newborn sizes and from 3 mo to 12 mo used cloth (Bumgenius) during daytime with Honest Co. at night.  Never had any skin sensitivity with Honest (did have some with the cloth diapers) and I love the wipes, too.  They are thick and soft and work great.  Plus, four packs has always seemed like more than enough for a month.  Bonus to using Honest subscription is that you can add on other items at a 25% discount so if you end up liking or needing their soap or lotion, you can get that included.
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  • KatienuKatienu member
    not for me. pampers was just fine
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  • They're cute, but as far as utility I'd say they're nothing special.. I actually like Luvs better all around, but we don't have any sensitive skin issues.
  • I've not found them to be worth the drastic price increase . They aren't very soft either and have given my guy with thunder thighs a rub irritation. We did the trial bundle when my now almost 2 yr old was a newborn and have used them off & on occasionally as they were gifted or given to us. But always buy pamper or huggies or luvs . A 4 pk of pampers wipes (the only ones we use cuz huggies suck and tear ) is like 6 bucks( ?ish). I usually buy a big box off Amazon ,they run pretty frequent sales and coupons on amazon, made all the better when u do subscribe &save and the amazon mom club.
  • They weren't great for us, and leaked pretty consistently (although I stopped using them after 4 months old, so I can't speak to how they are on older babies). Pampers has worked the best for us so far. If there are sensitive skin issues, I would go with Honest, but otherwise, not worth the price. 

  • cm716cm716 member
    I got one pack as a shower present. Meh. They're nothing special. After being a diaper snob with my first, I branched out with my second and have  found that our local grocery store makes an awesome brand. They run me about $0.18 a diaper.

    If you are concerned about sensitivities, I have heard lots of good things about Costco from fellow moms.
  • I just received a free trial from them and got 7 diapers I believe and they are so fricken adorable. I also noticed when working at a day care that the kids who used the honest company diapers you could never smell their poopy diapers which was awesome but not sure if that alone is worth it. I'm leaning towards pampers! 
  • I can't speak from experience with my own child, however... I worked in an infant room at a daycare center for quite some time and saw absolutely no difference between children using Honest diapers and those using more generic brands. Aside from the cute factor they seemed to work as well as other brands with no discernible pros.
  • Agreed with @BritMC18 besides the smell they seemed to work the exact same as other brands, I actually think pampers held way more if I'm being honest that's why I'm going with them. 
  • I second Luvs, I wasn't a big fan of Luvs when DD was in smaller sizes but now that she's in the bigger sizes we get Luvs. 
  • I have been very pleased with honest company diapers.  I tried several brands and found that I liked HC best for my super pooper.  Between my baby and the little ones I've watched I have tried pampers, huggies, luvs, target brand, Walmart brand, and cloth.  We ended up with cloth during the day and HC at night.  The only other disposable brand I would have considered using was pampers.  I 
  • I used pampers for my daughter and loved them. Tried them for my son and he always leaked out of them, so we went to Huggies and those worked great. So since I'm having another boy I'm going with huggies again, at least for now.
  • I've used honest for two years now and have had no isues. We really like them and will be using them this time too.
  • We didn't care for them. Pampers and then target brand around 18 months. 
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  • We used pampers with our first and they were great- super soft, and holds an almost gross amount of liquid. They are good for say maybe you are in the car and can't change right away, but the idea that they hold more sort of seems pointless for everyday situations because I tend to change them when needed- not when they are about to explode. 

    My second was half pampers and half honest because my husband now gets them discounted from work. So, it's not a really objective opinion because price wise it's different. But I really do love that they are made with better ingredients (we try to be earth conscious when we can), and I like that they don't smell of chemicals like pampers (and other bleached brands do). Of course the patterns are a plus. 

    I I will say if my husband was more on board is love the idea of cloth diapering.
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