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Everything you didn't want to know about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum: STM to FTM advice

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Hey ladies,

A few of us were thinking it might be helpful for STMs to be able to share everything you'll never read in the What to Expect. I learned a lot from a similar discussion in my first BMB. So STMs, let's get those chips off those shoulders, and FTMs, ask any question you can muster. I'll start with a few of my own nuggets of wisdom/horror:

1. In third tri: 
     I got charley horses almost nightly. 
     At that point baby kicks resemble a demon trying to violently escape a human host.
     My insides were so cramped with baby that by the end of the night I felt claustrophobic in my own body. This was only relieved by a morning poop the next day. 

2. Pushing during labor feels like taking the biggest poop of your life...and you likely will be pooping a little bit too. I did. Join my poo club.

3. After birth, every time I stood up from the couch, it felt like my organs were going to fall out of my vag. SO much pressure in the lady bits. HOARD the icy maxi pads from the hospital. Shit, do it for fun. Those things are soothing even if you haven't had a kid. Also stock up on hemorrhoid pads with witch hazel.  

4. When your milk drops, Ba-BAAAAAAM! Welcome ladies! I went from an A cup to a C literally overnight (back to status: pathetic now though).

I have many more grotesque tid bits to share, but I figure I'll let a few other ladies show their bits before I hand over my tids. Have at it, girls!

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Re: Everything you didn't want to know about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum: STM to FTM advice

  • This is an awesome thread idea, excited to learn from all you STMs! 
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  • @emisi yes!! Because my situation was a little more emergent/chaotic my family was there right after I was wheeled out of surgery, but we limited the visitors for our entire stay. I was so drugged up, sore, and struggling to BF ... On top of crazy PPA ... I was so grateful we decided early on to not make it an open invitation. Some people were so offended but I have zero regrets. 
  • @DiFazette yes! I had crazy chills a few times after my csection. And amen to the bleeding. 
    I bled for 9wks. NINE WEEKS. No one ever told me that would be a possibility. Ugh. Jerks. 
  • This is a great thread! Might save some of us from wondering if we're normal and will probably save me from some PTSD. If my teeth started chattering during a csection I would surely think I was about to die, so I'm thankful for that post that that's normal.

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  • OMG thank you so much for starting this. I've already come to terms with the whole pooping thing. Don't think I have much of a choice with having people in to visit. DH has 4 sisters, 3 of whom will be down when the baby comes. It's also the first grand baby for his parents and my parents. I'm also pretty sure DH will tell our close group of friends when I go into labor. 
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    @PharmDMom, DD found my peri bottle under the sink one day and was playing with it. So it doubles as a super fun toy once you can wipe again! (Ew)

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  • Oh, and the pregnancy induced carpal tunnel - I'd have pain/tingling/numbness during the day but it was sharp, almost unbearable pain at night, particularly in my left hand since you have to lie on your left side. I got full hand/wrist braces and wore them to bed at night - helped soooo much. And, miraculously, the severe symptoms eased immediately after delivery and it was completely gone within 48hrs after!!
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    If you want an epidural, make sure you don't get it too soon. I second the peri bottle! It's amazing. I had a c-section and loved that thing. 
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    After my c section and the catheter was removed, I couldn't tell when I had to pee for several weeks. Like sitting there and think 'it's been like 3 hrs, I should probably find a toilet' have no idea.
     Also not everyone will have a horrible recovery. I was picking things up off the floor with-in 24hrs. I also felt up to and did go back to full day meetings at 10 days PP.

    ETA:clarity. Tired typing is bad for grammar.

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  • Thank you from another FTM!  I will have to remember the advice about not letting anyone in the room for a little while right after birth so you can enjoy being a new family!  Knowing our families, it will NOT be peaceful once they know the baby is actually here.
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  • Reading this first thing when I woke up was like having an giant alarm clock go off next to me. Hello sunshine!!! Thank you ladies for all the advice. I'm so curious did anyone wear any kind of spanx or waist cincher post partum? A couple of people told me it helped make it feel like everything was somewhat back into place.  Also someone told me after giving birth you get your period. Like backed up for 9 months straight kind of period. Also I love the idea about the family coming after the baby is born but this is the first grandchild on my side of the family and DH is the favorite child so I know they are going to be at the hospital probably before I start pushing. His mom actually complained that the hospital is too far from her (45 minutes) Sorry/ Not Sorry! 
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  • @sammyl1221 I used a belly band type thing after my c-section, but that was just to keep my movements controlled and to help me feel more secure moving around. I asked about it in the hospital and they gave me one! 
  • I'll also add that breastfeeding can be crazy hard.  Not to scare people from doing it, but I had a really tough time with all three of my babies.  I always saw women just pop the baby on the boob and away they went, sometimes multi tasking.  I'm a DDD, and I would have smothered my babies if I hadn't sat down and held made it a two handed job.  I've had to supplement and pump with all three because I have a low milk supply.  I guess I'm just saying that you should never feel bad if it doesn't work out the way you thought it would.  Ask for help and let the experts tell you how to get your baby feeding.  I'm on baby #4 and this is probably my biggest concern to date.
  • Fun peri-hack if you're considering cloth diapering:  i keep my peri bottle filled with water and use it to wet our cloth wipes! 
    Its the gift that just keeps on giving. 
  • DiFazette said:
    @sammyl1221 -  I did not use a waist anything.  I was very ill so that wasn't a priority for me.  I've heard good things from other friends though.  And for anyone who doesn't know what this means - it's not a waist 'cincher' like you see people wearing to make themselves smaller like the old days.  It's a supportive band that helps gently force all of your organs back into place.  I just didn't want anyone to think this was some kid of vanity thing.  Though, it is 'reported' to help with post baby belly as well.  
    I did use the support band and it's just as @DiFazette says, it helps start putting your insides back together. For me it was incredibly comforting to have on, made all of the things that felt like they were just way too loose without the baby in there taking up the space tight and pulled back together. I also do think that it helped with the post-baby belly but that truly was not my focus at all
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  • @MamaWino Oh the pregnancy carpal tunnel. I still remember trying to sleep on my side with the huge body pillow while simultaneously keeping my wrists straight. Thankfully it will go away a couple months after delivery.

    The peri-bottle is a godsend. DO NOT leave the hospital without it. Take everything you can: diapers, wipes, take a baby blanket!

    Speaking of baby blankets, if you have pets at home I would suggest sending a baby blanket home to your pets so they can smell your littlest one before you even get home. It was a great idea from one of our nurses.

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