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Baby Suddenly Gassy & Irregular....corn the culprit?

My DD was born 3 weeks early and is now almost a month old (can't believe it).  She, like all babies, had regular gas.  But, she would pass it with no problem and it didn't bother her.  She is breastfed.  

Then, Mon/Tue she started having gas that was difficult to pass.  She doesn't cry for extended periods, but she grunts loudly and cries out as if she's very uncomfortable. If she can pass it, then she is fine until the next one comes.   Also, her belly fills very tight.  She went from having 2-3 BMs per day to one.  I know that can be normal, but she seems so uncomfortable until she can have a BM.  I originally thought she was constipated (turns out she's not), so I called the pediatrician.  They said to give her dark Karo mixed with breast milk.  I ended up not doing it bc I've read mixed thoughts on this.

The gas is, of course, worse at night.  We both are not sleeping well....and just when we had gotten on manageable night feeding schedule.  

I've tried: tummy massage, holding her legs to ab, gas drops, bouncing in bouncer, warm bath, running warm water over behind, wiping bottom with wet wipe whenever I change her, bicycle legs.  Nothing seems to help for long.  Gripe water seemed to help yesterday evening, but not last night.  

As far as my diet, I've been eating the same things since I came home from hospital.  So, I don't think it's dairy or wheat.  Starting this weekend, I had been eating popcorn every night and snacking on corn chips.  I stopped on Tuesday evening.  Maybe she is sensitive to corn???  I also thought my milk letdown might be too fast, but I've occasionally had that since my milk came in when she was 4 days old.  So, that hasn't changed.  BF position change has also not helped.    

Any thoughts? Suggestions?  Thoughts on the Karo???  I feel so terrible that my little girl is in pain and there isn't much I can do.  :( 

Re: Baby Suddenly Gassy & Irregular....corn the culprit?

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    Oh, and I burp her during feedings.  She has no problems with burping.
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    Sounds like you're doing all the right things to relieve the gas. I'd keep up with the gripe water and maybe look into the windi. I've never used it but heard it works!
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    Thanks! So LC said she thought baby might have touch of a viral bug.  Nurse at ped said could be diet. I was so confused.  If it is diet,  I'm now thinking soy. It's hidden in everything. 

    DD has gone back to being very regular and has stopped grunting all night.  Sleeping soundly and able to toot without pain.  
    Not sure what did it, but I'm a happy Momma! 

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    Could be the corn. My guy had a few nights like this after I'd had raw broccoli. I just steer clear of it now. Almost three months and no problems since then. 
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    Good info from kellymom on how the foods you eat most likely aren't causing grassiness in your baby -
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