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Target PSA BOB Revolution SE Jogger

Yesterday I stumbled upon 2 clearanced BOB Revolution SE joggers in black at my local Target (I am in North TX). They were marked from 399.99 to 119.98 (Plus my 5% with the red card). :o Just wanted to let all of you ladies know in case it was on your registry.

I could not pass up the deal! I felt like it could be too good to be true, so I made sure it was returnable. Upon arriving home and unpacking the box, I found everything is still in its original packaging and in perfect condition. Feeling like I got away with murder today! 


Re: Target PSA BOB Revolution SE Jogger

  • Katm89Katm89 member
    Damn good price!!! too bad we need to get the Flex!!
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  • I'm heading straight to Target from work - thanks for the heads up! I'm in Austin so hopefully that deal is happening down here too.

    @midwestbaby I agree that we need that thread! So much stuff to buy that every little deal helps.
  • Umm I'm in North Texas too and am going to stalk Target. Sure wish I could get a double on sale!
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  • I feel like we need a deals, steals, and squeals (cute purchases) thread. There is nothing better than getting a great deal or a fun unique purchase! 
    I would LOVE this @midwestbaby . I get such a high off of a good deal! I have seen other BMBs do coupon (formula, diapers, online codes, etc.) trading and such too.
  • Done! @emilymt06
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  • @LWC1112 Same... N. Texas and wanting a double...  I stalk craigslist!  I found a double for super cheap and it looked perfect but it was snapped up in like 2 hours...
  • We just bought a Flex at Babies R US - They are clearing out the old model (which the Britax rep told us the only difference is the new model has an adjustable handle for mom and dad) It was clearanced to 309, it was the store model (the only one left) so they gave us another 10% off and I opened a credit card for an additional 10%. We ended up paying $220 for the model which is normally $499.00

    Worth checking for, I assume ALL baby stores that carry Bobs are getting rid of the old version to sell the new. And since it already had the car seat adapter on it (store model) they included it in the price. That thing was $70 online!

  • WOW. I paid $250 for a USED bob here in Canada. LOL They retail for $500+ here though.
  • I'm in North Texas and not a trace of Bob strollers at DNT and Park :(
  • I tried three Targets in Austin... Nada. 
  • Which target @emilymt06 ?  I easily get to anything off the tollway, 121, or 75.
  • All of the targets in Utah have pulled them from their shelves and are no longer selling them. I did however, find it for $299 no tax and free shipping on I had to Google search B.O.B. revolution se to find it.
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