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    erin7264erin7264 member
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    More of a confession, but I secretly enjoy mowing the lawn (we have a riding lawnmower). It's supposed to be DH's chore but I have mowed the last 4x because he lets it get too long between mows and he misses spots, plus I like making nice straight lines. And I'm about to start watering the grass just so it will stay green and I can keep mowing. I even take pictures when I'm done.

    ETA: wtf bump, only posting half my post. 

    Now i just need to become BFF's with a landscape designer and a small army of laborers that can help me get this place looking amazing. Even if the inside of our house is all jacked up at least the outside can look half decent!
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    Thinking of you @PleaseSendPicklesNow and hoping you get some answers to help you with your decision soon! Xoxo
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow  Your strength is inspiring to me. I hate how complicated hospital beaurocracy makes the decision making process, when transparency would be so much more comforting in most cases than dodgyness. 

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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow, I will be thinking of you and your little one. I seriously hope that you are able to get some answers to help you with your decision. 
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