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    @oneliloaktree13 I knew it would be a UO - first one I've really thought of for a post with May 4th and the siggys.
    I'm still unsure if I'm going to block you or not, at least maybe 24 hour time out.
    Can this time out include a timeout from everything in reality? I'd love to tell them at work that I'm in time out and need to go home :)
    Adult time out!
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    So many hugs to you @PleaseSendPicklesNow <3
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow I can't even imagine that process. Hugs to you! 
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    Thoughts with you! @PleaseSendPicklesNow and in your honor I rather want to wear a beret tonight... Not that I have cinco de mayo plans but maybe I can make some up!
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    @pleasesendpicklesnow I'm sorry you're getting treated like that by the doctors and hospitals. I hope you and your DH find peace in whichever decision you make. We're here for you.
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    @pleasesendpicklesnow - wishing you the best in these incredibly tough decisions

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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow - Hugs, mama. I'm sorry the hospitals are putting you through this. 
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    WevilleWeville member
    @PleaseSendPicklesNow So many hugs!  Rant, vent and rage away. I cannot imagine how frustrated you must feel with the hospitals right now. We are all here for you
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow I'm so sorry. I have nothing helpful to contribute, but sending you loving thoughts. That's infuriating. :(
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    @pleasesendpicklesnow It makes me ragey thinking that the hospitals are so exploitative about this type of situation. You are one amazing mama :)
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow How horrible! I'm so glad you've been able to inform yourself on all this REALLY important info that's unfortunately hard to discover. 
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow - I hope you can get some truth soon. Unfortunately I'm not at all surprised by what the hospitals are doing :(
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow hugs for you, strong momma. That is crazy manipulative and makes me feel all the righteous anger for you! We are all here for you for whatever you need <3
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow I'm so sorry! Sending positive thoughts your way.
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow Thinking of you and hoping you get the information you're seeking to make such a difficult decision.
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow Always feel free to vent! Always! I'm so sorry you have to go through this .. I'm always thinking of you guys 
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow I experienced something similar very early on in my pregnancy. I wanted to know the success rate of a procedure and all I got was "oh we're very successful". Not what you want to hear. Sending hugs your way. 
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow that makes me sick for you. As if you don't have enough to worry and think about without them playing their manipulative little games. Not sure how they live with themselves. As always I'm in awe of your strength - I hope you get some real answers soon to help you make your decision.
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow ((hugs)) and always feel free to vent. Thinking of you and the baby 
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    NerdchildNerdchild member
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow I'm so sorry you are being given the run around. I am, however, happy that you have been given the option to spend more time with your little one. I read your post and had to control myself from hopping up and down in excitement. 

    Eta: Whatever you end up choosing is the right choice, I'm just glad you are being given the choice. :)
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow my heart is aching for you. Prayers for your research and decisions, and especially for your precious baby.
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow that makes me so angry that they won't give you all of the info you need to make the best decision for your family. I think tonight in your honor I will not drink champagne instead of not drinking margaritas.

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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow I'll be thinking of you. I can't even imagine what you're going through having to make a decision like this. :(
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow I couldn't imagine being in the position you're in right now. Talking about your son's condition is bringing awareness to this unfortunate situation and I commend your strength. I'm hopeful that you'll receive all the information you need to make an informed and educated decision.

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    @theshannondee I love this. Whenever my mom eats Chex mix or Gardetto's, it turns into a box of nothing but rye crackers.
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow I never got the info but chose to go ahead with the procedure. It was successful, but having a little peace of mind would have been wonderful at the time. So, so much love to you and your LO.
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow ugh, I'm so sorry. The health care system is so effed up.
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    @PleaseSendPicklesNow Im sorry you are having to go through all of that, just to find the stats. I feel like that type of thing should be public record. It has to be hard enough trying to make the decision on what to do, on top of already dealing with the diagnoses.......the hospitals and doctors shouldn't be adding to the stress and complications of everything that is already going on. 
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