Pregnant after a Loss

How long will this last...

As the due date approaches for the little one we lost I find myself so sad and it's even hard to sleep....I try so hard to focus on how happy I am to have a sweet healthy boy growing in my belly... I avoid talking to anyone about it because I feel

Re: How long will this last...

  • I'm so sorry about you loss :( I understand how your feeling and it's not easy at all. I strongly advise you not to avoid talking to people about it.. You should try and talk about your lost angel as much as you feel the need too, especially as your coming up to their due date. 
    Theres been multiple times in this pregnancy for me that I've had a difficult time being happy about my new baby, wishing my angel was here. And it's normal if you feel that way. My advice is to focus on the positive, but allow yourself to be sad and express your feelings with someone (your partner, a friend, a parent) so that you know your not alone <3 this isn't an easy journey for anyone, but you can do it!! And you will get your rainbow soon enough
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